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Crimsix roasts Censor after he claims he could beat him with “any team”

Published: 15/Sep/2019 10:46 Updated: 15/Sep/2019 11:10

by Joe Craven


Two-time Call of Duty World Champion Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter hilariously fired shots at Doug ‘Censor’ Martin as the pair’s feud continues, this time over the Modern Warfare beta. 

Censor and Crimsix have long shared a comedic rivalry, often clashing over their achievements in competitive Call of Duty.

While it seems to be clear who the better CoD player is, with Crimsix currently standing as the most successful ever in terms of tournament wins, Censor is not one to shy away from a debate, or be modest when it comes to his own skills.

compLexity GamingCensor last played professional CoD in WWII, representing compLexity.

Censor has been very vocal regarding his prospects in the upcoming competitive year, claiming that he has received numerous offers from franchises. However, Crimsix started off by poking fun at Doug’s commitment, after the FaZe Clan creator stated he was going to stream Black Ops 4’s Blackout, instead of the Modern Warfare Beta. 

“Doug I guess some people just kinda want it,” teased Crimsix, joking that if Censor was fully committed he wouldn’t stop playing the beta. 

“Yo, Crim are you trying to bait me bro?” responded Censor. He then states that it doesn’t matter what CoD game they’re playing on, he’ll still be able to beat him.

Crimsix doesn’t take too kindly to this, however, arguing that Censor has only ever beaten him in a qualifier and that he beat him in a final. “Sorry Doug, should have got your shit together,” he joked.

(Timestamp: 4:20)

“I can deadass take anyone and beat you if it’s in a Grand Finals,” Censor jibed. “It don’t matter who my team is and who your team is.” 

“The only thing you might be in is a jet ski race, bitch,” said Crimsix, in reference to Censor’s past discrepancies.

Ex-compLexity teammate, Blazt, recently claimed that Censor had skipped out on scrims on one occasion because he was “sick”, only to upload a video riding a jet ski later. Censor hit back at these claims as “slander”.

The back and forth doesn’t stop there however, as the two exchange numerous more jabs. Crimsix has, on numerous occasions, come to clashes with Censor as the ex-FaZe Clan professional challenges him over their head-to-head record. 

The full highlights of the “Roast of Doug Censor Martin” were uploaded to Crim’s YouTube channel on September 14. While it’s fair to say the pair’s shots shouldn’t be taken too seriously, we can expect to see more jibes exchanged as we head into franchising, and Censor strives to make a return to competitive CoD. 

Call of Duty

Call of Duty League receiving franchise interest in Las Vegas & EU

Published: 20/Jan/2021 23:24 Updated: 20/Jan/2021 23:59

by Brad Norton


Activision’s Call of Duty League has reportedly received interest for new franchise spots across multiple markets including Las Vegas, D.C., Charlotte, and even undisclosed cities in Europe.

When the CDL kicked off in 2020 with its inaugural season, it did so with 12 teams. A majority of those teams were based in North America with a few outliers such as Paris Legion, the London Royal Ravens.

Despite no immediate plans to expand in 2021, the league has received a great deal of interest from prospective new markets, CDL Commissioner Johanna Faries told the Sports Business Journal.

Among the new areas looking to get involved are Las Vegas, D.C. and Charlotte, according to The Esports Observer. Beyond these NA markets, however, the league is also “hearing interest from across the pond in Europe and beyond,” Faries said.

Call of Duty League logos
The CDL launched with just 12 teams, though more could be right around the corner.

While the CDL is only just entering the 2021 season, plans already appear to be in motion for major expansion in the years ahead. There’s no guarantee the specific locations mentioned will come to fruition, though they’re eyed as the frontrunners at this point in time.

Three new NA orgs would bring the total to 15, with the potential for further additions from Europe to boot. Faries also didn’t rule out the idea of entirely new areas joining — opening up the door for speculation of a team from the Asian or Australian markets.

Joining the league is no small feat, however. For additional regions to get involved, they’re looking at a minimum of $25 million for a team slot, let alone player and staff salaries on top. Moreover, reports suggest that Activision will be looking for an even larger sum from expansion teams.

If Activision follows suit with a similar rate of expansion to its Overwatch League, we could see plenty more teams than initially expected. The OWL launched in 2018 with just 12 teams as well, but just one year later and eight new organizations were locked in.

Overwatch League LAN
Overwatch League
The OWL expanded with eight additional teams in 2019.

With the swap to 4v4 for the Black Ops Cold War cycle, there’s no shortage of talent ready to pick up for any future additions to the league.

CDL expansion could still be a ways off, though 2022 seems to be a safe bet for some fresh blood. Meanwhile, the league is roaring back into action in a matter of days. The CDL Kickoff Classic is set to go live with our first 2021 matchups on January 23.