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Call of Duty

Call of Duty pro players hit out at CWL Pro League analysts for being “disrespectful and biased”

Published: 28/Feb/2019 2:44 Updated: 28/Feb/2019 3:24

by Albert Petrosyan


Controversy rang in the competitive Call of Duty community on February 27 as some pro players made strong comments against the analysts of the CWL Pro League.

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Pro player Rhys ‘Rated’ Price, part of the Division A squad that formerly represented Red Reserve, was very critical of the Pro League analysts panel, accusing them of being disrespectful and having bias.

Rated’s claims came against a panel that primarily features four analysts, three of whom are former established pro players themselves – Jeremy ‘StuDyy’ Astacio, Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker, and Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler. 

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The example he brought up to justify his comments was the apparent disparity in the panel’s analysis of Evil Geniuses and Denial Esports, despite the fact that both teams sit at the bottom of their respective Divisions.


He claims that the panel was overly critical of Denial when they were 0-5, calling for a massive roster overhaul, when they were not nearly as harsh in their judgement of Evil Geniuses when they themselves were 0-6. 

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Upon seeing the tweets, several others involved with the pro scene chimed in, and almost all of them were very much in agreement with Rated’s assessment of the analysts.

“I could go on literal three hour rant about this desk,” tweeted Gen.G coach Joey Nubzy. “I feel genuinely awful for the amount of disrespect being shown. Not their place to speak on internal things they have no knowledge of.”


Former pro player Reedy was a bit more unfiltered with his choice of words: “The desk is legit such a toxic place, all trying trying to be people they’re not. It’s actually so jokes.”

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The tweets did not stop there, as more and more reactions started pouring in the comments section of Rated’s original post.

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Of course, this is not the first time that players have had public spats with the CWL broadcast teams; there have been numerous verbal altercations between both sides in the past, some of which have gotten quite heated and personal. 


However, at least at the time of this article’s writing, no one from the analyst panel has yet to comment or respond to Rated’s tweets.