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OpTic’s Crimsix on how the CWL Pro League can attract more viewers

Published: 26/Feb/2019 23:12 Updated: 27/Feb/2019 8:31

by Alan Bernal


The Call of Duty compete every week, OpTic Gaming’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter thinks that there is a bit of room to grow when it comes to the overall experience of the viewer. 

Fans have been clamoring for a change to the CoD Caster for some time, and Crimsix thinks his fixes would vastly improve the matches for all audiences. The improvements could ultimately go a long way to attracting and retaining viewers by having a much more streamlined layout to follow.

Crimsix noted the immense clutter in the current iteration of the CoD Caster mode which serves as the main hub for spectating competitive matches. The OpTic pro thinks there is a lot of elements currently in the interface that can be easily taken out.

Although he admitted that the problem has little to do with the CWL itself, Crimsix still said that the Caster mode is trying to pack in too much information, leading to a less than ideal viewing experience.

“… I firmly believe that the COD Caster element of Black Ops 4 is way too cluttered,” Crimsix said. “The player cube designs need a huge revamp. Numbers and names on the mini-map need to be removed.”

On a PC the games look good, but Crimsix thinks that most viewers on mobile would appreciate a less cluttered interface.

Further, the two-time Call of Duty World Champion said to make the “player arrow… highlighted along with the player cube box/outline. Highlighted color should be white and no teams should be allowed to have white as the text is difficult to see.”

Casters and pro players chimed into the discussion with most adding their suggestions, but generally agreeing with the OpTic veteran that a change in the hub was needed.

Although the changes are small, Crimsix thinks that cleaning up the minimap of unnecessary text would let go a long way to improving the viewing experience.

Call of Duty

Hilarious Black Ops Cold War bug literally breaks Fireteam Dirty Bomb

Published: 30/Nov/2020 11:14

by Alex Garton


A game-breaking Black Ops Cold War bug is suspending players above the map on Fireteam Dirty Bomb, rendering them useless for the entire match.

As with any new release, Black Ops Cold War has had its fair share of bugs and glitches. From players falling through the map to a permanent thermal overlay, its obvious Treyarch overlooked a few elements of the game before releasing the title.

However, if a bug is not game-breaking, players will usually laugh it off and let it go. It’s only when a glitch renders players completely useless that a bug starts to become more frustrating than funny.

Well, that’s exactly the type of bug some players are experiencing on Fireteam Dirty Bomb and it’s fair to say they’re not pleased about it.

Fireteam Dirty Bomb is the new mode released with Black Ops Cold War.

Game-breaking bug suspends players above the map

A video posted to the Black Ops Cold War subreddit reveals a game-breaking bug occurring on Fireteam Dirty Bomb. The glitch suspends the players above the map for the entire match with them unable to move or participate.

On top of this, it appears the entire game mode is broken with teams being bigger than they’re are supposed to be and textures not loading in.

Fireteam: Dirtybomb gamebreaking bug from r/blackopscoldwar

As you can see, the players are left floating above the map and are audibly frustrated at the issue. One of them even states: “I’d genuinely be surprised if they even had playtesters for this game.”

It’s worth noting the players can scope down onto the map below but they’re completely locked in place. Attempting to run will trigger the animation but no movement will occur.

Glitches can be entertaining in certain titles, especially when they do not heavily impact the gameplay experience. However, in competitive games like Call of Duty, a game-breaking bug can be extremely frustrating.

Fingers crossed Treyarch get this bug fixed as soon as possible so players don’t have to continue spectating the game from above the map.