Call of Duty League rumors could reveal the name of new Washington franchise

. 9 months ago
CDL Washington Call of Duty Franchise
Unsplash / CDL

With Washington DC looking set to acquire a Call of Duty League spot ahead of its third season, new information appears to have revealed the name of the organization and fans are divided. 

The offseason of the Call of Duty League guarantees change in both rosters and organizations. In terms of the former, we’ve seen plenty of players move around as orgs try and find a cohesive team ahead of the season’s start point.

When it comes to organizations and franchise structure, much remains unclear. We’ve heard multiple reports that OpTic Chicago and Dallas Empire are seeking to merge, with the Chicago franchise up for sale.

Reports also claim it is set to be purchased by Washington Esports Ventures, the current owners of Washington Justice in the Overwatch League.

Washington Justice with CDL logo
Tonya McCahon For Activision Blizzard / Activision
The Washington Justice looks set to be joined by a CDL franchise.

The acquisition looks set to proceed, with new information potentially revealing a name for the Washington organization.

Eagled-eyed Twitter users clocked a Washington QNTM account, which appears to be a hub for all of Washington Esports Venture’s organizations. It previously leaked as a potential name for the team, but appears to be more of an umbrella name for the organizations.

Responding to the news, Call of Duty insider Cory ‘CCRONEE‘ Davis revealed that they are following just one account – Washington Demon Cats.

While it could be a deliberate misdirection, past leaks from TMZ claim that Washington’s NFL team flirted with ‘Demon Cats’ as a nickname in the past.

Opinions quickly followed, with many lamenting the name as laughably bad. One user said: “Demon cats is a horrendous name for anything”, while another commented that it “Sounds like a kid made up the name”.

Whether the names stick remains to be seen, and much could change with the future of the franchise still not 100% decided. Regardless, early fan opinion seemed united in questioning the name.

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