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Call of Duty League power rankings after CDL London (July 2020)

Published: 21/Jul/2020 17:47 Updated: 22/Jul/2020 8:56

by Jacob Hale


The Call of Duty League has left its penultimate (online) spot in London, and we’ve updated our power rankings following Dallas Empire’s dominant 3-0 win over Paris Legion in the grand final.

Paris’ qualification into the final was a shock to just about everyone, but the team looked to be back to their best after several winless months of competition.

Let’s take a look at where Dallas, Paris and their CDL opponents are in our power rankings following a weekend full of surprises and excitement.

12. Seattle Surge

Call of Duty League
Seattle Surge’s roster roundabout hasn’t much helped them throughout the season.

Seattle Surge have really been somewhat of a sob story throughout the duration of the Call of Duty League. They’ve had very few redeeming performances and, despite Octane being one of the best players in the game, have struggled to work their way up the standings.

With just five wins so far this season, a strong showing at the final Home Series of the year — CDL Toronto — and Champs would be nothing short of a miracle.

11. Los Angeles Guerrillas

Los Angeles Guerrillas AquA
Instagram: laguerrillas
The Guerrillas had a very brief period of strength, but have failed to show that over any significant period of time.

LA Guerrillas and Seattle Surge have been in a tight battle for bottom spot in the CDL standings since the league started, but the LA outfit currently take it thanks to their poor head-to-head record against the Surge.

Having won just one map at CDL London, and now three consecutive events without winning a match, the LAG that nearly made a grand final at CDL Minnesota in June seems like a completely different team.

10. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

OpTic Gaming Slasher
Instagram: opticgaming
Slasher’s OpTic Gaming side has struggled throughout the duration of the season, with online play making matters even tougher.

OpTic Gaming are another team that showed promise at one point in time, but the switch to online play has really put the nail in the coffin for this team.

At CDL London they took Florida to a game 5, and did take down Seattle Surge, but it wasn’t enough to improve their placement or help move them up our power rankings.

9. Minnesota RØKKR

Twitter: ROKKR
Minnesota have been very up and down this season.

The RØKKR’s fall from championship-contender to mid-table team has been a sad one to see, especially as they were initially a dark-horse team that everyone wanted to see take down the titans of the league.

Now, that doesn’t seem likely as they’ve slowly slipped downwards in the standings, with just one win in over two months: a 3-2 victory over OGLA.

8. Paris Legion

Paris Legion Denz CDL
Call of Duty League
Paris Legion clocked their first win in over three months at CDL New York, and followed it up nearly perfectly at London.

Paris Legion’s single win over the Guerrillas last weekend was nice to see, considering they hadn’t won a match since March, but their performance at CDL London was nothing short of extraordinary.

On their path to the final, Paris took down CDL New York winners, the New York Subliners, as well as London Royal Ravens, to book their slot in the final against Dallas Empire. They were convincingly beaten by the Texan side, but this is a Paris team that has really struggled online — and it looks like they’re finding form at the right time.

7. Toronto Ultra

Twitter: TorontoUltra
It looks as though Toronto have finally found the starting roster that fits.

Despite a tough go of it throughout the inaugural CDL season, Toronto Ultra appear to have found a starting squad that works and the results are starting to come their way.

The Canadian side will be hoping for a strong performance at their own Home Series, the last of the season, to improve their seeding for August’s CDL Playoffs.

6. London Royal Ravens

Wuskin and Puckett Call of Duty League
Instagram: royalravens
Wuskin and the London Royal Ravens have really shone at times – but they need to start beating the top teams consistently.

The London Royal Ravens looked on the verge of glory at their own Home Series, with a 3-2 win over Florida Mutineers being their first over a top-tier team this season.

It all came crashing down shortly after, though, when they failed to capitalize on their strengths in a 3-2 loss to Paris Legion in a genuinely riveting matchup that seemed as though it could have gone either way; especially with both Search and Destroy maps going to a round 11.

5. New York Subliners

Attach and New York Subliners Call of Duty League team
Joe Brady / Activision Blizzard
The New York Subliners are looking stronger now after some roster moves shook the team up — but had a poor showing at CDL London.

New York Subliners’ win at their own Home Series was quickly cancelled out thanks to a downright miserable performance at CDL London.

They drop from second place thanks to consecutive 3-0 sweeps at the hands of grand finalists Dallas Empire and Paris Legion, looking absolutely nothing like the side that made short work of Chicago Huntsmen just a week prior.

4. Atlanta FaZe

Atlanta FaZe CDL trophy
Carlton Beener / Activision Blizzard
Atlanta FaZe have suffered through a below-par run of events.

Atlanta weren’t in attendance at CDL London, but recent performances have left a lot to be desired — at least as far as the team’s potential goes.

They currently sit top of the overall standings thanks to their persistence on making top 4 at each event, but with the way things have been going lately, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see them knocked out of it.

3. Chicago Huntsmen

Chicago Huntsmen Formal at tournament
Joe Brady / Activision Blizzard
The Huntsmen will be hoping to find form heading into the final stages of the season.

Having not played at CDL London, Chicago maintain their spot in the top three having made the grand final in New York.

At CDL Toronto, Chicago will be desperate to make a good run and earn themselves a top two seed for CoD Champs.

2. Florida Mutineers

florida mutineers vs atlanta faze Call of Duty League
Call of Duty League
Florida Mutineers have had an extraordinary run but fell short at CDL London.

There’s no denying that Florida Mutineers had a shaky weekend at CDL London, with a 3-2 loss to the Ravens and a 3-0 sweep at the hands of Dallas Empire, but it’s not quite enough to see them move down any further than second.

Though they’ve lost their grip on the top spot, the Mutineers will still be a serious contender by the time Champs rolls around in August.

1. Dallas Empire

Dallas Empire Shotzzy Call of Duty League
Dallas Empire have often been regarded as the best team in the game at certain points, and they’re proving it once again.

Dallas Empire’s win at CDL London proved they’re still a force to be reckoned with, dropping just one match all weekend.

They’ve proved that they deserve to be seen as the best team in the game right now, but they’ll have to prove they’re better than the likes of Atlanta and Chicago when they face off at CDL Toronto this weekend. Right now, though, it’s hard to dispute their position at number one.

Call of Duty League standings after CDL London
The overall standings still see Atlanta FaZe on top — but only just.

With CDL London out of the way, only one Home Series stands in the way of a team becoming world champions at the Call of Duty Championship in August; and it’s a stacked one. In Group A at CDL Toronto, Chicago Huntsmen are joined by Seattle Surge, Toronto Ultra and OpTic Gaming Los Angeles, while Group B sees Dallas Empire pitted against Florida Mutineers, Atlanta FaZe and Minnesota RØKKR.

With the all-important CDL points on the line, who will come out victorious before Champs?

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War already set new Call of Duty player record in the Beta

Published: 23/Oct/2020 6:20

by Brad Norton


The Call of Duty franchise is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon as Treyarch’s recent Black Ops Cold War Beta went above expectations and shattered records.

Ever since the release of the first CoD title in 2003, the franchise has only continued to grow. Year after year more players hop on board to see what the latest title has in store. Whether fans gravitate towards single-player campaigns, cooperative experiences, or classic multiplayer competition, there’s something for everyone.

2020 is shaping up to be no different as Treyarch is firing on all cylinders for the Black Ops Cold War release. Everything from Zombies to Warzone will be on offer and it’s already clear that the community is hungry for it all.

After an impressive Alpha test on the PlayStation 4 that became the biggest in franchise history, that record has once again been broken. This time, by the Black Ops Cold War Beta that followed just weeks later.

Having kicked off exclusively for PS4 users on October 8 before jumping to all platforms on October 15, the Black Ops Cold War Beta was played by a staggering number of people. In fact, it was “the most downloaded [Beta] in Call of Duty history,” the developers revealed on October 23.

No exact figures were revealed for the history Beta. Though it being publicly available across Xbox One, PS4, and PC over the final days was sure to have helped boost the figures.

Not only is this a hugely positive sign before the launch of Black Ops Cold War, but it continues a trend from previous iterations. 2019’s Modern Warfare also broke records with its early access Beta period. 

Last year’s records also didn’t come with any specific numbers, though Activision assured the Modern Warfare Beta attracted more players than ever before.

Also of note, those players logged more hours played than any Beta in franchise history. It’s now clear that Black Ops Cold War has been yet another step up in terms of early engagement.

Black Ops Cold War gameplay
The Black Ops Cold War Beta was live across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

It’s obviously too early to tell just how this might indicate sales for the release come November 13. However, to get into the Beta early, a majority of players needed to preorder on their platform of choice. So that’s certainly a good sign just weeks out from launch.

2019’s Modern Warfare topped over $600 million in sales across its first three days on the market. That instantly made it the highest-selling CoD of the generation. Though Black Ops Cold War could be on track to go even further this year.