Octane blasts “horrible” CDL after Seattle Surge forced to play 4v5

Seattle Surge - Twitter

Seattle Surge veteran Sam ‘Octane’ Larew went on a profanity-laced rant against the Call of Duty League after his team had to play almost a full map down a player, which led to another loss.

Controversy has struck the Call of Duty League again where the Seattle Surge are involved, as the struggling side were forced to play their fourth map versus London Royal Ravens without star-man Josiah ‘Slacked’ Berry.

Slacked, who had mentioned having internet problems prior to the match, disconnected nearly a quarter of the way through the St. Petrograd Hardpoint against Royal Ravens, which the hosts inevitably dominated to win their series 3-1.

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The CDL officials determined that the result would stand, after which Slacked posted videos on Twitter explaining that the league was holding him responsible for his internet connection, which is why the map wasn’t replayed.

Obviously, this decision didn’t sit well with the Surge players, least of all Octane, who unleashed a fuming series of tweets bashing the CDL, calling them “horrible,” an “abomination,” and attacking their competitive integrity.

“This league is f**king horrible, an abomination, holy f**k!” he wrote in all-uppercase letters. “Literally our most important series of the year and we can’t play it because the Call of Duty League decided we can’t replay a tied Hardpoint. This league sucks!”

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“Competitive integrity strikes again! 400 million dollar league by the way, 4v5, no replay, sick joke. Try and fine me CDL, holy f**k, people can’t do their jobs!”

Slacked also openly questioned the league’s competitive integrity, suggesting that if a high-profile player like Scump had disconnected, or if this would have happened in a match that was being played on LAN, then the CDL would have no problem with replaying the map.

As mentioned above, this isn’t the first time that the Surge have found themselves at the center of CDL controversy; back at the Minnesota Home Series, they were up 2-0 and on the brink of a monumental upset vs Atlanta FaZe, but a broadcasting issue delayed the rest of the series by nearly 45 minutes.

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Once the match resumed, FaZe won the remaining three maps to complete a reverse-sweep, and the Seattle players were similarly angry at the league for essentially stopping their momentum instead of allowing the series to continue off-camera.

Despite the frustrations, Seattle will need cooler heads to prevail as they’ll be fighting to survive elimination tomorrow in the Group B lower bracket. Another loss and they’ll be knocked out in the first round again, as their opportunities to climb out of the depths of the 2020 standings are growing fewer and far between.

As always, you can catch all of this weekend’s Call of Duty League action via our CDL London Home Series hub, which includes livestreams, full schedule, latest scores, brackets, and more.

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