Call of Duty League officially partner with Esports Engine for 2022 broadcasts

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The Call of Duty League has officially named Esports Engine as their broadcasting partner for 2022. Starting with the CDL Kickoff Classic, fans are ecstatic to hear that former MLG executive Adam Apicella is returning to work with CoD.

After two seasons of CDL play, Activision Blizzard are now turning to one of CoD’s most highly esteemed event organizers.

Having split with the company and MLG back in 2019, Adam Apicella is returning to CoD as his Esports Engine production company was named 2022 broadcast partner on January 21. This news was met with a chorus of “Ws” by fans hopeful for the franchise’s esport renaissance.

A 2021 Esports Awards Lifetime Achievement inductee, Apicella left MLG to co-found Esports Engine and his absence has been a running complaint by the CoD community. The broadcast partnership announcement comes on the heels of the CDL scene envying the Esports Engine-produced Halo Infinite esports launch.

CDL announce Esports Engine as 2022 broadcast partner

Revealed in a January 21 press release, the CDL explained that Esports Engine will be this season’s official broadcasting partner and will be “bringing a slate of exciting features for fans to enjoy.”

This announcement has turned a corner for many pessimistic fans. In recent months, Activision Blizzard’s handling of CoD esports has been criticized by the media, by professional players, and even by team owners like Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag.

Now, though, this broadcast partnership seems to be shifting the winds.

CDL community thrilled by Esports Engine 2022 partnership

From FaZe Clan slayer and 2021 CDL MVP Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr to OpTic Gaming’s Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow, the professional scene is celebrating the new partnership.

Fans, too, seem grateful for the deal – as many replied with “W” and comments claiming that the esport has “been saved.” This is perhaps unsurprising, as fans called it a “huge mistake by Activision to let talent like [Apicella] walk away” back in 2019.

With pre-game show, player POV, and HUD features listed among Esports Engine’s commitments for 2022, people are expecting a true broadcast revamp. As for Apicella’s expectations, he simply stated that Esports Engine is “grateful to get the chance to play a small role with the CDL team.”

That small role starts on January 21 with the CDL Kickoff Classic and, if the reception is anything to go off of, people are expecting big things.

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