Nadeshot slams Activision’s handling of competitive COD: “I’m the fool” for entering CDL

Nadeshot flames Activision over codActivision

100 Thieves founder Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag is kicking himself for getting involved in the Call of Duty League over Activision’s handling of the esport.

Vanguard is the latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise and it’s been fairly criticized by pros and casuals alike for its gameplay, return to a World War 2 setting and the overall state of the title.

One big issue that pros and teams are having, separate from just the game itself, is how Activision is currently handling the COD competitive scene.

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CDL’s Vanguard season will kick off in February. The game was released in early November and the long gap without any official events led Nadeshot to publicly call out the league organizers.

Nadeshot takes aim at Activision

In a series of tweets, the 100 Thieves founder began by comparing the glory days of CoD esports to the current state of the competition.

“We literally went from players fighting for their pride and respect every single weekend through a 256-512 team bracket for $1,000 bucks each in front of 100,000 people to no competition or tournaments until 3 months after the game has been released,” he blasted. “Wake up, Activision.”

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He went on to complain about the current format that prohibits teams from competing until February, claiming it prevents true storylines and rivalries from forming.

“Call of Duty arguably has the most entertaining, outspoken & personable players out of any esports community. Storylines and rivalries that literally span across a DECADE. Vanguard releases and the league says, ‘you’re not allowed to compete on stream together until February,’” he mocked to the tune of a laughing emoji.

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To add an exclamation point to his criticism, he voiced how excited he was to get involved with CDL and how he pleaded with his board of directors to get back into the esport only for things to fall apart.

“I said let’s spend the money, let’s give our community what they’re asking for, just trust me and I’ll make sure LA Thieves is a success. Two years later, I guess I’m the fool,” he remarked.

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It’s unclear if Activision will revamp its ways or respond to Nadeshot’s comments, but it’s clear that many are not happy and want to see some major changes to the way the esport is being handled.