Fans support MLG being brought back under Microsoft acquisition

Daniel Appleford
Adam Apicella MLG

Microsoft’s official acquisition of Activision had former MLG founding employee Adam Apicella asking for the organization to be reinstated under the company.

On October 13, Microsoft acquired Activision and all of its related games for $69 billion. With the Call of Duty franchise now under new management, fans are urging Microsoft to support the scene’s earliest esports outlets.

MLG was owned and operated by Activision Blizzard and was founded in 2002. The organization hosted esports tournaments throughout the United States and Canada for a number of different titles. Some of the most notable franchises include Halo, Call of Duty, Starcraft and League of Legends. It also hosted live streaming services under that allowed players to tune in to their favorite titles.

After the pandemic, MLG lost a lot of its viewership and profits which led it to close. The MLG Twitter account is no longer active and the website directs to Battlenet instead of its old website.

Fans support former MLG employee in Microsoft acquisition

Adam Apicella initiated the conversation on Twitter, directly calling on Microsoft to revive MLG. The Tweet has over 190,000 views and over 150 comments from fans showing their support.

“Hey Xbox, congrats on the acquisition, AB is a perfect fit,” said Apicella. “Amidst the massive move you made you also gained a small but mighty asset called MLG. More than ever, that brand is needed in today’s rudderless esports world. Would love to be involved in that resurrection.”

Current Call of Duty League casters and professional players replied beneath the post in support. A former MLG caster Jack ‘Courage’ Dunlop also threw in his own vouch for the brand.

“Hey Phil – bumping this too,” said Courage. “MLG means a lot to a lot of people!”

The acquisition was the first step for Microsoft in getting Activision and Blizzard back into shape. It is unlikely that change will be immediate but the community is doing its best to ensure that MLG does not fall through the cracks yet again.