Call of Duty League fans slam Modern Warfare 3 game mode snub

Ryan Lemay
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The Modern Warfare 3 devs confirmed every game mode coming at launch, and no Capture the Flag (CTF) shocked Call of Duty League fans.

Control received pushback from Call of Duty League community members when it was first added as the third game mode during Black Ops 4. But frustrations truly reached a boiling point during Modern Warfare 2.

Pro players voted to remove Al Bagra Fortress from the league’s map rotation after community members blasted the map’s “rigged” spawns. Al Braga featured a garden area with only three easy-to-guard exits. Teams on offense during Control matches only spawned in the garden area, making it easy for opposing teams to trap them.

In the end, the CDL ultimately decided to add the controversial map back, but it left a sour taste in the mouths of fans who got fed up with watching “wack” one-sided Control matches. Viewers held out hope that Modern Warfare 3 would finally remove the game mode entirely from competitive action, but the devs squashed any hopes.

Modern Warfare 3 won’t launch with Capture the Flag

On October 31, CharlieIntel confirmed every Modern Warfare 3 game mode at launch. Most notably, the game includes Control but does not feature Capture the Flag.

Classic COD titles used Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, and Capture the Flag as the three game modes in professional matches.

CTF hasn’t been used in the Call of Duty League for years, but community members were still disappointed that this most likely implies another year of Control as the third game mode.

A fan responded: “Da** no capture the flag. Back to being forced to play control as a 3rd game mode for the CDL.”

Fearing the worst, a second user added: “That means control is the 3rd mode for CDL…”

And a third player hammered home the point: “Brought back War but not CTF? Why do these devs refuse to bring back iconic game modes.”

It remains to be seen if CTF will eventually be added, but no inclusion at launch most likely rules it out from being a Call of Duty League game mode. For more, make sure to check out the rest of our Modern Warfare 3 esports coverage.

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