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Broken Warzone Recon contracts are impossible for players to get

Published: 23/Nov/2021 16:39

by Jacob Hale


Recon contracts are extremely popular in Warzone, allowing players to earn some cash towards their Loadout Drop while also gathering intel on where the circle is headed. Except, they’re looking pretty broken right now.

Contracts can be a game-changer in Warzone, whether it be to bring back your teammates who didn’t see success in the Gulag or gather funds to buy a new loadout.

While Scavenger contracts are the most popular, with the promise of an Armor Satchel and extra cash an alluring one, the long-term thinkers on your squad might prefer to opt for a Recon.

The issue is, some of them aren’t quite working as intended — or properly at all.


Warzone Caldera
Warzone will shift tides to the Pacific, with the launch of new map Caldera.

While we’ve seen ongoing issues with Scavenger contracts in Warzone, including loot boxes being stuck in walls or underground, Recons aren’t usually affected by issues such as these.

In the final days of Verdansk’s reign as the Warzone map, however, Recon contracts are taking on a mind of their own.

Multiple players have reported Recons popping up in out-of-reach places, positions that are difficult to get to or simply strange spots. This includes King_Bobzilla, who found their recon on top of a chandelier and impossible to reach.

King_Bobzilla isn’t the only victim, however. BillGrilson posted something similar, as it seems something has gone wrong with Recon contracts.


Whether this is something devs Raven Software are aware of remains to be seen, but with the Warzone Pacific integration with Vanguard coming on the delayed date of December 8, we might not see a fix before the new Caldera map arrives.