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Blackout players set kill record for Quads during frantic wager match

Published: 23/Nov/2018 23:19 Updated: 23/Nov/2018 23:35

by Wyatt Donigan


Black Ops 4 may be just over a month old, but the Blackout community is already starting to come up with some ridiculously impressive stat lines in the battle royale mode.

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Much like Fortnite, Blackout players seemingly have no problem racking up tons of kills each game to set new world records.

While some players dedicate their time to trying to break such records, one group of players managed to do so without even intending to.

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CoD pros Zhivko ‘EupHo’ Dimitrov and Ivan ‘FlexZ’ Arizpe were playing in a $10 wager match against two other players, Enxiun and Spique, when the four players ended up pulling in 51 kills to set a new world record.


Enxiun led the pack with 19, EuPho and FlexZ were next with 13 and 12, respectively, while Spique had the least with seven.

While Enxiun and Spique ended up with more kills overall, Spique accidentally killed EupHo with a Cluster Grenade, which caused them to lose the wager in the end.

You can take a look at both the POVs of both EupHo and FlexZ down below:

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With the bar now set to over 50 kills, it seems likely that we might see more teams start battling for the top spot.

If you come across any world records for console or PC, be sure to let us know on Twitter @DexertoIntel. Once we have the records for all modes, we’ll be putting together a hub with a list of all the current records.