Black Ops Cold War XP bug causes players to lose weapon progress

Tanner Pierce

A brand new bug discovered in Black Ops Cold War might explain why players are complaining about leveling up slowly… they’re actually losing XP at times.

XP and Weapon XP earn rates have been a huge talking point within the community since the game’s launch. While Treyarch has gone ahead and adjusted the XP earn rates a few times, the community still thinks leveling up is slower than it should be, compared to previous Call of Duty games.

Now, a new bug discovered by Redditor u/Difficult-Rest8524 may give some insight as to why that is, at least for the game’s weapon XP.

In a new video posted to Reddit, one BOCW player who was in a Zombies match was reporting weapon XP loss.

According to the player, they’ve actually lost weapon XP while playing a Zombies match before and while it hasn’t taken them down a whole level or anything, it certainly seems like they are losing some overall progress.

To support their claim, the Redditor uploaded a video that seems to show their account close to leveling up the Magnum revolver to level 30, playing through a bit of Zombies match, before showing that the XP bar on the weapon has actually gone down a significant amount.

If this is accurate, that would easily explain why leveling up weapons feels so slow in-game, as players would be losing some XP at the same that they are gaining some. This doesn’t seem to be a unique case either, as multiple people commenting on the post claim to have come across some variation of the bug, if not the exact same one.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a fix for this problem yet, especially with it being unknown how widespread it is. At this point, we’ll just have to wait for Treyarch to acknowledge the bug and put out a fix as soon as possible. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take too long, but with the post getting 5,000 upvotes within a matter of hours, it should be only a matter of time before the developers investigate.