Treyarch removes new Black Ops Cold War mid-season weapons after bug


After having the unlock challenges accidentally go live early in Warzone, Treyarch have removed the ability to earn the Streetsweeper shotgun, along with two other melee weapons, and has removed them from players’ inventories.

While the Streetsweeper shotgun was originally announced as an “in-season” weapon, probably during the game’s inevitable mid-season update, Black Ops Cold War fans began noticing that the shotgun was actually already obtainable ahead of time.

This was due to the fact that the unlock challenges for the weapon were already live within Warzone, meaning all players had to do was complete them in that game and then, thanks to the cross-progression integration, they would have access to them in Black Ops Cold War. Now, that seems to have changed.

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The Streetsweeper was first seen in the BOCW Season 1 cinematic, held by Stitch.

With many taking advantage of the glitch, Treyarch has removed the ability to earn the Streetsweeper shotgun, as well as the Sledgehammer and Wakizashi sword melee weapons, and has subsequently removed all the items from every player’s inventory.

Some people are reporting that if you had the weapons in one of your loadouts, it may still be active for now, but if you remove them, it’ll be gone until they are officially released. 

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The removal of all the mid-season weapons, especially the Streetsweeper shotgun, is to be expected. Not only were the weapons not supposed to be in the game at all but the shotgun in particular was extremely powerful, with it being used multiple times during its early release by the likes of NICKMERCS, FaZe Jev, and more. 

How to unlock Streetsweeper Shotgun in Warzone & Black Ops Cold War

Currently, the Streetsweeper shotgun isn’t live within Black Ops Cold War. That being said, thanks to its early release, we now know exactly what players have to do in order to get their hands on it once it does go live officially.

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All players have to do is get 3 kills in a row with a Black Ops Cold War shotgun (Hauer 77 or Gallo SA12) without dying in 15 different matches. While that was a bit tricky while the challenges were only available within Warzone, once they go live within BOCW, it’ll be much easier to accomplish.

Once you unlock it, the weapon will show up within the create-a-class screen in both multiplayer and the battle royale, and you can level it up just like normal, adding all the attachments and camos you want.

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Once the weapon goes live officially, it seems certain that it’ll jump into the metagame, as it’s brief stint in-game has proven to be an incredibly potent weapon. Of course, Treyarch has time to change things.