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Black Ops 4: This could be the perfect way to fix Blackout’s Armor and Concussion problems

Published: 23/Jan/2019 2:30 Updated: 23/Jan/2019 5:52

by Albert Petrosyan


Most players will agree that the Concussion grenade and Level 3 Armor are two of the most powerful items in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale mode.

Despite the removal of the 9-Bang, Concussions continue to reign terror in Blackout and players who get hit by one virtually always get helplessly eliminated,


Similarly, Level 3 Armor offers players a lot of protection and often makes a huge difference in gunfights between someone who has it equipped and one who doesn’t. 

Clearly incensed by these issues, eUnited’s Clayster tweeted out an idea that someone had shared with him which would essentially help balance the effectiveness of both items.


“Someone gave me a good idea that Level 1 Armor would have stun resist and Level 3 Armor wouldn’t,” he tweeted. “So it would give a tactical choice between the two.” 


This idea is quite brilliant in that it would really help quell the overpowered nature of both items by significantly cutting their combined presence on the map.

Players who want to have a built-in resistance to the effects of Concussions will have to choose for lower protection, while those who have Level 3 will be forced to deal with the risk of getting stunned.


In a gunfight between someone who has Level 3 Armor and one who doesn’t, the player who has lesser Armor will be less protected but will have the ability to stun the opponent without being at risk of getting stunned back. 

On the flip side, the player with Level 3 Armor will likely be able to out-gun the opponent if there are no stuns involved in the fight.


These complaints about Concussion grenades have not fallen to deaf ears as Treyarch’s Studio Design Lead David Vonderhaar has confirmed that the developers are looking at possible solutions.

While the options they are considering are not yet clear, one thing that is confirmed is that Concussions will not be removed from the game despite all of the negative feedback.