Black Ops 4 gentleman’s agreements change following March 29 update

Daniel Cleary

The extensive list of ‘gentleman’s agreements in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has apparently shortened following the weapon balancing update on March 29.

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According to veteran pro Chris ‘Parasite’ Duarte, the debate over the Rampart-17 assault rifle has been quashed, as Treyarch gave the weapon some serious attention.

The Rampart first attracted attention when Classic’s impressive performance at CWL Fort Worth using the assault rifle helped Call of Duty players had decided to ban the gun from use unofficially, despite Luminosity Gaming’s arguments otherwise.

Luminosity Gaming were then apparently blacklisted from scrimming other pro league teams for wanting to use the gun and had trouble getting practice after returning from CWL Fort Worth.

During a match of League Play on Black ops 4, Michael ‘Swarley’ Carter asked Parasite if the gun was “un-GA’d” (no longer part of the gentlemans’ agreement), to which Parasite simply replied, “Yeah”, hinting that it was once again usable among the pro players.

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Parasite followed on to say that the gun is seen as a much more situational weapon now than it used to be after the March 29 changes, saying that, “running and gunning with it is a lot less viable than it was before.”

He also shared that he feels like one Maddox RFB player from every team might have to switch to a Rampart,  “I think this will take one of your Maddox’s place’s on a map.”

This should come as good news to Luminosity who have shown how well they can perform with the Rampart and they also shouldn’t have as much problem finding practice now that the gun is being used again by pro players.

As for other teams, it will be interesting to see who can adapt best. OpTic Gaming’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter previously stated that he thinks his team would benefit from using the gun, despite supporting the GA prior to the update.

Other teams that have excelled with two or even three Maddox players may now have to choose who will run the Rampart-17 on some or even all maps, creating a new dynamic.

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