Luminosity apparently ‘blacklisted’ from scrims over Black Ops 4 gentlemen’s agreement

Daniel Cleary

Josiah ‘Call of Duty roster could be blacklisted from scrims, after pro players look to add another gun to the gentleman’s agreements.

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Gentleman’s agreements (GA’s) are continuing to cause divide among the professional Call of Duty competitive community, as another weapon has been targeted, following the conclusion of CWL Fort Worth.

Following Classic’s success with the Rampart 17 weapon at the tournament, which lead him and the team to victory, and an individual 1.17 respawn K/D with the gun, some players are now aiming to restrict the weapon, unofficially.

MLGLuminosity Gaming won CWL Fort Worth and took home $125,000
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In a recent stream, Slacked revealed that Luminosity have been unable to find scrims after being blacklisted by other pro teams after a viewer asked how scrims were going for the freshly crowned Luminosity squad, “We haven’t scrimmed once, we got blacklisted.”

Classic went on to back this statement, saying that the apparent blacklisting is due to Luminosity wanting to use the Rampart 17 against other teams in the CWL Pro Laague, “They’re trying to GA the Rampart, we’re not allowing it.”

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It is unclear if the Rampart 17 will be added to the Gentleman’s agreements list for good, or if Luminosity can hold their ground on this one and convince everyone that the gun is balanced.

However, there are many players, and fans, very divided on how viable the weapon truly is.

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