Crimsix and Slacked lock horns over Luminosity being ‘blacklisted’ in Black Ops 4

Calum Patterson

Controversy continues to brew in professional Call of Duty, all over a gentleman’s (dis)agreement, as Luminosity Gaming players have reportedly been ‘blacklisted’ from scrims and pick-up games.

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After winning CWL Fort Worth, Luminosity’s Nicholas ‘Classic’ DiCostanzo thanked the ‘Rampart’ assault rifle for helping his side to victory.

However, that same weapon is now the cause of Luminosity’s current situation, which sees them being blocked from practicing with and against other professional teams.

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MLGClassic’s Rampart played a big part in LG’s win at Fort Worth.

It appears that following their victory, other professional teams are fighting to have to Rampart permanently removed from the weapon pool, by way of an unofficial ‘gentleman’s agreement’.

The weapon is viewed by some players to be too powerful and therefore detrimental to the overall ‘meta’ of the game – but Classic and LG are standing firm, and plan to continue using the weapon, gentleman’s agreement or not.

Clips surfaced from a number of livestreams showing Luminosity’s Classic being kicked from a lobby due to being ‘blacklisted’.

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Other LG players, including Josiah ‘Slacked‘ Berry were given similar treatment, simply by their decision to side with their teammate on the Rampart debate.

OpTic Gaming‘s Ian ‘Crimsix‘ Porter has been placed at the forefront of the debate. He argues that all players with the exception of Classic (79:1) are in support of the Rampart GA, in responding to analyst and former pro Anthony ‘NAMELESS‘ Wheeler.

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NAMELESS responded by suggesting that Call of Duty appears to be the only esport where players are unwilling to adapt to a new meta if it doesn’t suit their team, but Crimsix actually explained that he believes OpTic would benefit from the Rampart being allowed.

However, he explains that the gun is just “so cheesy”, and it’s inclusion would ruin an otherwise “perfect meta”.

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For now, the issue remains unresolved, with LG appearing to forgo practice in favor of continuing to stand their ground on using the Rampart.

Gentleman’s agreements have typically been quickly agreed by all teams, or at least enough of a majority to push the decision through, but things are getting trickier now that one team in particular is benefitting so much from a certain weapon.

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