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Black Market live for Black Ops 4 players on all platforms

Published: 26/Oct/2018 18:39 Updated: 27/Oct/2018 4:58

by Wyatt Donigan


After releasing on the PlayStation 4 on October 19, the Black Market is now available on all platforms.

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The Black Market is one of the many additions that Treyarch have added to Black Ops since the game was released on October 12.

After its exclusive release on PS4 last week, much to the chagrin of Xbox and PC players, everyone now has the chance to earn new rewards with Black Market’s release on all platforms on October 26.

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Black Market was first introduced to the Call of Duty franchise in Black Ops III and allowed players to earn exclusive in-game gear.


For the Black Ops 4 edition, players will have a chance to acquire new characters for Blackout, signature weapons, new sprays, and gestures, as well as new outfits for specialists in Multiplayer.

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In addition to the Black Market, Treyarch have added in a tier-based progression system called Contraband that is very similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass.

Xbox and PC users will also have the benefit of getting their hands on the Black Market after Treyarch have already made adjustments to the rate at which players level up in each Contraband tier.

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While the Black Market alone is a welcome addition for Xbox and PC players, they will also gain access to the Halloween special event starting on October 27.


Despite getting access to this event a week after PS4 players, Treyarch have previously confirmed that the event will last the same amount of time for players on all platforms.