Bizarre Warzone bug deploys players in outer space instead of Caldera

call of duty warzone spaceActivision

A Call of Duty Warzone player has reported a truly bizarre bug that dropped players in their lobby into outer space instead of onto the Caldera map.

Warzone is one of the most popular battle royale titles on the gaming market. However, tons of content has gone viral from the shooter’s various glitches and bugs, many of which affect how players deploy onto the map.

A new spawn glitch has popped up, showing players it’s possible to spawn into outer space instead of Caldera.

Dig Site in in Warzone Pacific Season 4Activision
Dig Site in Warzone Pacific Season 4.

Warzone glitch drops players into space

A post to the Warzone subreddit from user tom_606 went viral for how absurd it was.

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Tom was preparing to drop onto Caldera in a Warzone match when instead he was dropped into outer space, unable to actually play out the match.

He said, “So the plane decided to ditch Caldera and dropped us off the map.”

Although Tom didn’t record the match to post, he did say that the entire lobby experienced the same glitch that put them in space.

He explained exactly what happened, “The plane started on Caldera, but in a very weird spot, already by the top right corner. It did not allow us to jump at all, and just continued OUTSIDE of the map, North I think. Once we reached a certain point, it kicked all of us into the ocean and we died to gas.”

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One user joked in the comment section “Even the plane’s pilot doesn’t want to go to Caldera.”

The bug was one of the more strange and game-breaking we’ve seen in Warzone, and briefly turned Call of Duty players into space-exploring astronauts.