Warzone 2 players baffled by completely broken Roze skin removing body parts

Warzone 2 rozeActivision

Warzone 2 players have been left baffled by a hilariously bugged Roze skin as the cosmetic makes everything except the character’s head vanish.

We’ve all seen our fair share of questionable Warzone bugs over the years. Be it issues on the map, demonic weapon skins, or even just cosmetics not working as intended, players have been through a lot in the CoD Battle Royale.

Not to mention the hacks piled on top, with pesky players able to commandeer vehicles and soar through the skies. An issue that’s plagued both the original Warzone and its sequel in Warzone 2.

However, despite the jump to an all-new title in 2022, new problems are only continuing to surface. This time around, players have noticed one of the more peculiar Operator skin bugs in quite some time, as a specific Roze skin has been left without a body.

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“What the f*** is going on [with] the Call of Duty skins?” a Reddit user questioned on March 13 after running into the bug. With only a handful of Operators at their disposal, Roze was one the player had access to right away. However, things didn’t work out as intended.

Upon highlighting the Operator and selecting their Kortac skin, everything but her head and her weapon disappeared into thin air. The character’s face simply hovered off the ground while a Shotgun floated behind.

At this point in time, there’s no telling what caused this bizarre issue to arise, nor whether Roze’s body remains invisible in-game, or purely just in the menus. If it’s the former, that means we could see floating heads across Al Mazrah, terrorizing the rest of the lobby. However, if that were the case, we likely would have seen video evidence of such nightmares already.

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Activision is yet to respond to this particular issue, so there’s currently no telling when it might be fixed and when Roze might get the rest of her body back. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as any further details emerge.