All Caldera map changes in Warzone Season 5: Classic Gulag returns, Peak erupts, more

Warzone Pacific Season 5 map changesActivision

With the final season of the Warzone Pacific era comes one final round of changes to Caldera. From the long-awaited eruption of Peak to a return of the classic Gulag layout, here’s a full rundown on every map change coming in the Warzone Season 5 update.

Eight months after it began, Warzone’s time in the Pacific is now beginning to wind down. Labeled the ‘Last Stand,’ Season 5 is set to conclude the current chapter of the CoD BR before Activision shifts focus to Warzone 2.

As this is the final season, devs are looking to make a lasting impact through a number of key map changes across Caldera. While the map has certainly been through its fair share of highs and lows, the changes locked in for Season 5 should help send it off in style.

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So before Warzone Season 5 gets underway, here’s a look ahead at every Caldera map change on the horizon.

Classic Warzone Gulag returns with a twist in Season 5

Up first for the Season 5 update is yet another Gulag refresh. This time around, however, the 1v1 arena should feel somewhat familiar. While it’s brand new in design, this Gulag’s layout is described as a “love letter to the original.”

With a near-symmetrical approach, the Season 5 Gulag is reminiscent of the Showers map that originally featured in Verdansk. Some slight adjustments have been made to the center to change the flow of combat, and obviously, the theme is vastly different, but at its core, this Gulag should feel extremely similar to that of the original layout.

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Peak finally erupts

Almost immediately after Caldera came into focus, players began theorizing how the map would look if Peak evolved over time. If the volcano was to erupt, how would it change the map and could it actually improve the flow of core BR playlists? Well, devs are finally ready to answer those questions.

With the launch of Season 5 comes the eruption of the volcano. Now, the POI is set to be radically altered with lava flowing downstream and new pathways created in wake of the destruction.

Giving new meaning to a ‘hot drop,’ Peak is sure to be even more popular early into Season 5 as players acclimate. So be on your toes when dropping in as the last thing anyone wants is to fall in a pit of lava.

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Warzone Season 5 Peak volcanoActivision
Peak will soon be drastically different in terms of both appearance and layout due to the eruption.

Clear skies over Caldera

Last but not least for the known map changes heading into Season 5, devs have confirmed that the storm previously hanging over Caldera has cleared up. As a result, the map is sure to be brighter than ever, let’s just hope it’s not too bright.

That’s all we know ahead of Caldera’s final overhaul in the Season 5 update. As we’re still a few days out though, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here should any further map changes be announced.