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Modern Warfare’s broken Domination mode is giving teams free points

Published: 13/Apr/2020 14:26

by Jacob Hale


Domination has long been one of the most popular modes in Call of Duty, but it’s now completely broken in Modern Warfare and players are enraged at it.

In Modern Warfare, Domination goes up to 200 points, with teams earning one point every five seconds for each flag they hold. This can make for some close matches, especially if the B flag is closely contested for the duration of the match, and at CDL Dallas we even saw a Domination match result in a tie.


Despite how the game mode is intended to work, sometimes that just doesn’t work out, as evidenced by the below clip, in which the scoring clearly isn’t working as intended.

Domination has been a staple CoD mode for years.

The video below, which was captured by Modern Warfare player cabose369, shows exactly why the mode is broken since the Season 3 update.


As you can see, at one point the Redditor’s team is overtaken by his opponents as they capture B but, when 7 points behind, they recapture B and should catch up with them after about 30 seconds.

Instead, the deficit doesn’t reduce at all, flicking between 7, 8 and even 11 points, despite Cabose’s team holding two flags and the opponents only holding onto one.


It seems impossible to explain something like this – cabose is clearly holding two flags but it’s almost as if the game simply doesn’t recognize it. That said, it also doesn’t properly calculate the enemy team’s score, as evidenced by the fact that it occasionally goes up to 11 points ahead of cabose, ultimately costing them the match.


Some responses suggested it could be a bug, combining Domination and new game mode Deathmatch Domination, which also rewards players based on kills as well as flags held. Infinity Ward are yet to comment on the situation so we’ll just have to wait and see if a fix or explanation is on the way anytime soon.

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NICKMERCS & Swagg explain why they’re not playing Black Ops Cold War

Published: 18/Oct/2020 1:12 Updated: 18/Oct/2020 1:14

by Theo Salaun


Popular Twitch streamers NICKMERCS and Swagg have explained why they just can’t bring themselves to play or stream the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta over Warzone. 

With the immense popularity of Warzone, Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 has become one of the most successful titles in the franchise’s history.


It’s still a divisive game though, thanks to mechanics like weapon mounting and doors, so its multiplayer accompaniment has polarized the gargantuan fanbase.

As such, the launches of Treyarch and Raven Software’s Black Ops Cold War beta weekends have merited a ton of community hype. But, in what seems to be the norm for Call of Duty titles, the game’s players are once again divided over the upcoming iteration as well.


While a variety of Call of Duty League professionals and competitive fans have upheld the beta’s superiority, BOCW hasn’t quite made the same impression on streamers. On the negative side of the spectrum, NICKMERCS and Swagg both expressed how mediocre they find the new title and why they can’t be bothered to stream, let alone play it. 

In a duos stream, the two legendary Warzone streamers broke down Black Ops Cold War and why they refuse to partake in its testing phase. After Nick asks Swagg if he’s playing it, the latter’s response is concise: “First of all, it’s just simply chalked.”

When Swagg tries to continue on to give the political, compromising answer about how they, as streamers, consider the game from their point of view, NICKMERCS cuts him off to lay down his perspective: “F**k a POV, that game is below-average and you know it. That’s the bottom line. If it wasn’t below-average, you and me would be on it right now.”


Other Warzone streamers, like Aydan, have detailed why they think BOCW is mediocre and how it can be improved. But NICKMERCS and Swagg’s consensus doesn’t even allow room for that, they simply think the game is not worth playing at this point in time. 

Nick gave a direct comparison between BOCW and earlier Treyarch titles, and the fall in quality between them. “I remember when the Black Ops III beta came out … I couldn’t get off that f**king thing, man,” he said.

NICKMERCS and Swagg aren’t the only ones not feeling it either. Other streamers like Cloakzy continue to play Warzone instead of the beta, which the two streamers pointed out.


There’s room for Treyarch to make improvements to Black Ops Cold War. After all, it’s only in beta. However, NICKMERCS said he’s not going to hold back from criticizing something he doesn’t enjoy.

“I keep it real … If I don’t like something, I’m not gonna like it. That’s it. A lot of motherf**kers be acting in this scene, they just act. Bunch of little f**king actors. I’m not acting.”