Clever Warzone trick makes winning Gulag 1v1s a lot easier

Infinity Ward

Tactical use of sprays in Call of Duty: Warzone makes the decisive 1v1s in the Gulag much easier to win.

Players can run around the top floor of the Gulags while two people are fighting it out in the arena below. While most of the interactions here are people trolling or just punching each other out, they can actually use their time much more effectively by marking their opponents.

Opening up the selection wheel for the game’s many sprays, players can choose to equip the brightest colored tag to use on an opponent’s character model.

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Infinity Ward
Players are tasked to find any advantage of winning out in the Gulags 1v1.

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Giving the player a radiant makeover with the spray can actually make them much easier to fight against after being taken to the lower floor.

“Don’t waste your time punching enemies in the Gulags!” Reddit user ‘PublicWest’ advised. “Give them a tag and make them easier to see.”

PublicWest used the yellow ‘One Shot’ spray on the other Gulag resident that gave the right side of their body a color that completely contrasted the rest of the in-game model.

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Even in the shadowy perimeter balcony, the spray looked like it was illuminating the other person.

But loading into the ground floor revealed the opponent to still have the paint job on them, even though the game blacked out before locking the players into the 1v1.

What started as a goofy way to pass the time turned into a powerful tool to use in the dimly lit arena of the Gulag.

The spray can is much brighter than everything but the lights in the Warzone Gulags.

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Being stuck in a waiting area with a random player, PublicWest “thought it would be funny [to tag the other person with a spray but, it] turned out super useful.”

While both players were eyeing each other down with the M9, the sprayed character could be easily made out as they were strafing through the stage.

PublicWest via Reddit
Even though the character model blends into the backdrop, the spray was a dead giveaway.

If someone manages to use the spray on the head of a character’s model, then that would basically be a dead giveaway of where the other person needs to aim.

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The Gulag has terrible lighting seemingly by design, so the Warzone trick could be a strong tactic to use for an easy advantage.

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