Drift0r explains which perk you should be running on every class in Black Ops 4 multiplayer

Calum Patterson

YouTuber Brad ‘Drift0r’ Overbey has revealed which perk is by far the most powerful in Black Ops 4 multiplayer, and why you should be running it on every single one of your classes.

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In the latest episode of his popular ‘In-Depth’ series, where he takes a closer look at the finer points of Call of Duty multiplayer guns, perks, scorestreaks, attachements and more, he has given a vital piece of information for Black Ops 4.

Focusing particularly on two perks from slot two, Gung-Ho and Lightweight, Drift0r explains that the former is “ludicrously powerful”, and can see no reason why it shouldn’t be on every single one of your load outs.

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It wouldn’t be an In-Depth episode without some numbers to back up his claim however, so Drift0r gives some impressive figures for Gung-Ho’s benefits. 

Firstly, Gung-Ho allows you to hipfire while sprinting, which is a nice touch Drift0r says, but not the main attraction. It is the second benefit, the ability to ‘recover from sprint faster’, that really sells Gung-Ho.

As Drift0r explains, “Gung-Ho reduces sprint-to-shooting delay by 33% for most weapon classes”, which is strong in itself, but that’s not all. But “Gung-Ho also makes your sprint-to-ADS time basically instant” – a 95% reduction, according to Drift0r.

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He also briefly touches on Lightweight, a classic Call of Duty perk that many will be running because of both familiarity and because it is the first perk unlocked, but Drift0r says you should definitely swap it out for Gung-Ho.

Drift0r calculates that Lightweight will grant you around 4% faster sprint speed – not as much of an increase as past iterations – and even the added benefit of not taking fall damage isn’t enough to make it stack up against Gung-Ho.

For competitive players especially, Drift0r reckons there should be no class which doesn’t have Gung-Ho on it, perhaps paired with Dexterity to make you incredibly mobile and accurate.