Awesome CoD cosplay perfectly recreates Black Ops 4’s Ruin

Treyarch/Instagram: demateraliz

A professional cosplayer known as ‘demateraliz’ has shared his incredible interpretation of Donnie ‘Ruin’ Walsh, the gravity-slamming specialist from Black Ops 3 and 4. 

Call of Duty is not typically associated with excellent cosplaying, but the most recent installments in Activision’s FPS series have introduced some creatively designed characters for cosplayers to try their hands at.

Black Ops 3 introduced specialist characters for the first time in CoD history, and reintroduced a selection of their original cast for 2018’s Black Ops 4.

Black Ops 4 brought back some Black Ops 3 fan favorites, including Firebreak and Battery.

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One of the characters brought back for the fourth installment in Treyarch’s series was Donnie ‘Ruin’ Walsh, the gravity-slamming specialist who was a popular pick in Black Ops 3.

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While his gravity spikes were somewhat toned down in Black Ops 4, his unique character design was maintained. The trademark mohawk stayed, alongside some vivid facial tattoos and the badass American attitude.

These are characteristics that have been perfected by the cosplayer, who also dons the bland overalls and knee pads Ruin is typically seen with.

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Despite perfecting a number of cosplays on his Instagram, including God of War’s Kratos, he explained that the Ruin look is the “most uncomfortable” cosplay he’s done, and “it feels like being squeezed into a tin can”.

His photoshoot perfectly captures the character too, with the desolate, dark landscape looking like the result of one of his gravity slams. The commitment to the cosplay is also evident, with the facial tattoos visible next to the easily-recognizable mohawk.

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It reiterates the exceptional lengths some cosplayers go to in order to perfect their outfits, all in order to accurately recreate a fan-favorite character.