Atlanta FaZe’s Simp shows off best QBZ loadout in Black Ops Cold War

Jacob Hale. Last updated: Mar 17, 2021
FaZe Simp QBZ loadout in Black Ops Cold War

The QBZ-83 assault rifle looks set to make a mark on the Black Ops Cold War meta, and Atlanta FaZe CDL star Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr has put together the perfect loadout for it.

With pros looking to push the XM4 out of the Cold War meta, a number of different weapons have been tested and the QBZ looks like it could become a real problem on the map.

It has a decent rate of fire and mobility, and can really pack a punch at almost any range, the definition of a ‘do-it-all’ assault rifle.

Whether or not it becomes a regular in the elite level of competition remains to be seen, but it’s definitely a weapon worth utilizing in your arsenal at some point.

The QBZ-83 assault rifle in cold war
The QBZ has grown in popularity a lot in Cold War.

Simp’s Cold War QBZ-83 class

Whether you’re trying to dominate League Play or simply drop nukes in public matches, Simp has it covered.

Here’s how he decks out his QBZ-83 in Cold War:

  • Optic: Microflex LED
  • Muzzle: Infantry Compensator
  • Barrel: 16.5” Ranger
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Magazine: 40 Rnd Drum
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Stock: Raider Stock

Obviously, you’ll have to use the Gunfighter wildcard to take advantage of all of these attachments, but the rest of the loadout comes down to personal preference.

Simp opts for a Diamatti pistol as his secondary weapon, utilizing the Tactical Mask, Scavenger, and Ninja perks. He also carries a Flashbang, Semtex, and Trophy System for his equipment.

So if you’re looking to give the QBZ a run-out and expand your horizons a little, this is just about as good as it gets. As perhaps the best player in the Call of Duty League right now, you know Simp is well worth copying.