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Another Modern Warfare map glitch gives players invincibility

Published: 12/Jan/2020 13:44

by Andy Williams


Infinity Ward has another map-related glitch on their hands, allowing players to farm kills from inside Tarvosk District on Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare features a variety of game modes that are tailored to fit the needs of Call of Duty’s loyal fanbase. 

From a dedicated ‘Realism’ mode (which strips away the player’s HUD and makes headshots one-hit-kills), to an up-scaled version of the core 6v6/10v10 experience on enormous maps in Ground War. It is the latter, however, which has been plagued with issues that are spoiling the in-game experience for plenty of players.

Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare’s massive 32v32 experience is as chaotic in the server as it sounds on paper.

Evading enemy gunfire by embedding oneself within the map sounds like an issue that should have been left behind with the previous generation of consoles.


Yet players are still managing to utilize exploits where they hide in a one-way window on Infected, or even manage to traverse beneath maps such as Shoothouse to gain the upper hand.

Unfortunately, Ground War is rife with players hopping on the bandwagon of exploits to get seemingly effortless nukes. It appears that the issue persists (regardless of the map of choice), as underscored by Reddit user ‘iska9der.’

Posted to the Modern Warfare subreddit, the Redditor highlights a player seemingly embedded into the landscape of Tavorsk District. 

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Despite the player’s best efforts to alert his team of the danger lurking within the staircase, the foe in question managed to avoid oncoming gunfire and remain unscathed. 


Even the player’s Recon Drone couldn’t highlight their opponent’s whereabouts. And while the glitched opponent didn’t pick-up any kills in the clip, it is likely that the concrete barrier is just another one-way system that players will be able to rack-up kills with.

Given Ground War’s popularity among the Call of Duty faithful, Infinity Ward will likely be pushing this to the forefront of their priorities. The larger maps mean that there is more space for things to go wrong.

Yet, with Activision’s Call of Duty League just around the corner, the developer’s resources might be somewhat stretched as there remains a ton of glitches that still need to be patched.