Game-breaking Modern Warfare bug lets players under Shoothouse map


A bizarre new bug has been discovered in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which allows players to get under the multiplayer map Shoothouse. 

A number of Modern Warfare’s multiplayer maps have been criticized as overly large and complex, featuring too many lanes and camping spots.

Shoothouse was added by Infinity Ward as a smaller, three-lane map to try and replicate the success of past Call of Duty maps, a number of which were designed to be three-lane. However, there appears to be a new glitch on Shoothouse, making some games unplayable. 

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Infinity WardInfinity Ward
Shoothouse was added to increase the number of small maps.

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Attention was drawn to the bug on December 14 by one Reddit user, who stated that: “Level 55 ‘HN’ abusing under the map glitch on Shoothouse… Please share for visibility so this can be patched ASAP.”

The clip shows the player in question running down the cargo crates side of Shoothouse, before they are killed by an unseen enemy.

However, the final killcam then reveals that there is a level 155 seemingly under the map, killing players from a completely invulnerable position. The game chat quickly established that the player was cheating, and agreed to report them. 

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The game’s final scoreboard shows that the player in question racked up 49 kills, a large portion of which presumably came from their blatant cheating. 

As the Reddit user stresses in their post, it is particularly important that Infinity Ward patch the exploit quickly, give the fact that Shoothouse 24/7 is one of Modern Warfare’s most popular playlists. 

At the time of writing there has been no official response from Infinity Ward, but we expect to see a patch added promptly. 

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