All classic CoD maps found so far in leaked Modern Warfare battle royale

Infinity Ward; Reddit - peeksqueakxD

With all of the rumors continuing to churn about a possible battle royale mode coming to Modern Warfare, we’ve compiled a list of all the classic Call of Duty maps that are said to be included in BR.

There has been plenty of recent speculation surrounding Modern Warfare battle royale ever since a massive leak surfaced several months ago sharing details about the unreleased mode.

The supposed BR map will apparently be massive enough to support 200 players and feature some of the most well-known maps from past Modern Warfare titles as individual locations.

RedditThe leaked map that will supposedly be featured in Modern Warfare’s battle royale mode.

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In the months that have followed the initial leak, players have been able to find some of those maps in other parts of the game, such as the co-op Spec Ops mode.

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While some have argued that the presence of these iconic CoD locations in Spec Ops isn’t proof that a battle royale is indeed in the works, others believe that Infinity Ward wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble to develop a such a massive continuous map just for some co-op missions.

Either way, no one knows for sure if the mode is coming or not, but it’s nevertheless worth looking at all of the BR-tied locations that have been found in-game. Reddit user ‘WW2er‘ compiled a full list, which we’ve summarized for you below.

Well-known Call of Duty maps that could be in the battle royale


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In the original battle royale leak, there was a location on the map that was labeled Overgrown, which obviously brings to mind the iconic map from the original CoD 4: Modern Warfare game.

The video above shows the well-known Grandma’s House location from Overgrown in Spec Ops, so there’s a good chance this is how it would look in the BR.

There’s also a chance that the battle royale version could feature more of the map than what this co-op mission includes.


Infinity Ward; Reddit - peepsqueakxDThe well-known Killhouse map can be found in Modern Warfare Spec Ops’ Operation: Kuvalda.

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Killhouse was one of the smallest maps in CoD 4 and a replica of it was spotted “kind of in the middle of nowhere” in Modern Warfare Spec-Ops’s Operation: Kuvalda.

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Not only has it been connected to the battle royale as a possible location, but it could be added as a map in multiplayer as well, seeing as how it’s already pretty-fully developed.


Infinity Ward; Reddit - WW2erBroadcast, a multiplayer map from Modern Warfare, has been found in the Modern Warfare Spec Ops mission Operation: Harbinger.

Also a map from the original Modern Warfare, Broadcast was spotted in the outer boundaries of Operation: Harbinger in Spec Ops. The Reddit user explained that this was the best look of it he could get since it doesn’t render fully because of how far out of the way it is.


Infinity WardSo far, Vacant is the only location linked to the battle royale that’s been added as a multiplayer map in Modern Warfare.

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Easily one of the most recognizable maps in Call of Duty history, Vacant has been ever-present in Modern Warfare since being added as part of Season 1 in December. In fact, it’s the only map linked with the battle royale so far that was added to multiplayer.

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Interestingly enough, it’s also where the C Flag is located in the Port of Verdansk Ground War map.


Infinity Ward; Reddit - WW2erOperation: Crosswind includes a glimpse at the MW2 map Scrapyard, which is also apparently located inside Boneyard, a location on the leaked Modern Warfare BR map.

The Spec Ops mission Operation: Crosswind features a replica from Scrapyard, a small multiplayer map from Modern Warfare 2 (2009).

According to leaks, Scrapyard will take up a part of a location called Boneyard in the battle royale, and it’s also apparently rumored to be the new Ground War map that will be introduced in the upcoming Season 2.


Infinity WardThe iconic Terminal map from MW2 could feature in both Modern Warfare multiplayer and BR, according to rumors.

This is the only map on this list that’s purely based off of rumors and hasn’t actually been spotted in any of the Spec Ops missions or anywhere else.

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However, considering that it’s arguably the most iconic map from Modern Warfare 2, it’s probably worth mentioning that there are rumors Terminal will be inside Layover, one of the leaked locations from the battle royale.

Furthermore, seeing as how popular it is, some believe that Infinity Ward plan on developing and adding this map to the regular multiplayer at some point, which would very likely be a popular decision as far as the player-base is concerned.

There you have it, all of the classic Call of Duty maps that have been leaked or connected with the supposedly upcoming battle royale mode that are also located in Modern Warfare in some shape or form, mostly as locations in Spec Ops.

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It’s important to remember that all of this is purely based off of speculation and unverified leaks and nothing should be considered set in stone until Infinity Ward and/or Activision make any official announcements.