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All Caldera map changes in Warzone Season 3 Classified Arms update

Published: 21/Apr/2022 20:12

by Alan Bernal


Raven Software are set to introduce huge changes to Warzone Pacific’s Caldera map once the Season 3 update drops, and we’re taking a look at everything that’s been revealed.

Warzone Season 3: Classified Arms is set to bring long-awaited changes to places like Peak, Runway, and Lagoon while introducing a brand new POI with the aptly named the Monarch Dig Site, featuring an unearthed Serpentine creature skeleton.

The devs are looking to shake up the Warzone gameplay with a new Gulag in the form of off-island POI, Hold, while making alterations to areas of the map that has long been a point of concern with players.


Warzone Season 3 map changes

Warzone devs are hoping the Season 3 changes to Peak will address player concerns.


After months of waiting, Raven finally revealed how it would change Caldera’s Peak, a controversial POI that has been at the top of Warzone players’ wishlist for updating.

The point of interest has now been ‘completed’ with fully built buildings brandishing the top-most point on Caldera. This will lend itself to new vertical gameplay inside and out of the structures.

Meanwhile, there should be more Supply Boxes and Contracts for teams to find, making it a better locale for teams to start off their matches.

warzone season 3 map
Lagoon will have a new, alternate path that should open up the POI.


A new route near Lagoon will get added as a part of the Warzone Season 3 changes. Players will still be able to rotate through the Lighthouse bridge to the rest of Caldera, but now will have an alternative path to strategize around.


These new areas are large enough for vehicles to travel through and should open up the POI for more action in Classified Arms.

warzone peak
Runway is getting a face-lift in Warzone Season 3.


Runway is getting spruced up in Season 3 with rebuilt barracks and hangers to give the POI a general uplift.

The devs are also implementing new routes to rotate from, opening up the area’s tactical use and giving people more options to use the POI.

warzone gulag hold
A new Gulag will decide the fate of Warzone players throughout their matches.

New Gulag: Hold

Warzone’s new 1v1 arena will be an off-shore keep called Hold. The Caldera underground will no longer house the battle royale’s famed Gulag.

Now players will decide who spawns back onto the island with a “roughly symmetrical” arena inside a grounded ship.


warzone dig site season 3
The Dig Site is opening up in Warzone Season 3.

New POI: Monarch Dig Site

Warzone Season 3 is bringing the new POI, Dig Site, that will be a new place for players to find Contracts with plenty of opportunities to loot nearby.

The star of the Dig Site is the serpentine skeleton in the middle with a huge bucket-wheel excavator next to it. The POI is located between the Mine and the Ruins, which should get more traction after the update.

With a ton of changes coming to Vanguard and Warzone, Season 3 is looking to implement massive gameplay improvements as well as giving players something new to explore.

Warzone Classified Arms will launch on April 27 with Operation Monarch set to land in the battle royale on May 11.