Warzone devs tease long-awaited changes to Peak POI in Season 3 update

Warzone Peak gameplayActivision

Peak has been a divisive POI in Warzone since the jump to Caldera, though the mountain could finally be changing in the near future as Raven Software’s Creative Director has teased an upcoming change in Season 3.

With Warzone Pacific Season 2 starting to wind down, attention is quickly shifting to the next major update. Season 3 is right around the corner and while no official details have been confirmed, devs have already begun to tease what we can expect.

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Four months since the switch from Verdansk to Caldera and much of the Pacific map has remained intact. While some have grown tired of this layout, others have put together intricate theories on why most POIs have gone unchanged.

Things could finally be set to change in big ways over the coming weeks, however, as Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins just teased Peak may be in focus for a new revamp in the Season 3 patch.

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Caldera in WarzoneActivision
Caldera has seen just a handful of POI changes since the Pacific era kicked off in December.

Chatting with the Baka Bros for almost an hour on April 5, Timmins covered a wide range of topics on the state of Warzone today. Many of these conversations happened to loop back to the upcoming Season 3 content drop.

In terms of map changes, Peak appears to be locked in for an update of some kind. While specifics were kept under wraps, Raven is supposedly planning “some really cool stuff” for the POI in particular.

“Honestly, I really like Peak,” Timmins said to kickstart the discussion. “I say this as a player, the reason I really like it is… I can’t really think of another experience in Warzone to date, where there is such a place that if you land there and take it, you can parachute anywhere on the map.”

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Though even with this praise, he admits Peak isn’t exactly perfect in its current form. As a result, the team has been investigating new ways to mix things up on the mountain in Season 3 and beyond.

“You could argue, is Peak the problem, or is easy access to Peak the problem?” Timmins continued. “Those are the questions we’re asking ourselves internally at the moment. How do we make the gameplay of Caldera fit the map of Caldera?

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“I think Season 3, you’ll see the first real inroads into those kinds of discussions.”

Could this mean a complete POI revamp? Will fan theories come true and see a volcano erupting on Caldera to drastically overhaul Peak? It’s anyone’s guess for now. Though one thing we can discern from these comments is that Peak will remain in Caldera in some capacity.

Warzone PeakActivision
Peak has long been a controversial drop spot due to its elevation over the rest of Caldera.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what the devs have planned for not just Peak, but Caldera as a whole in the Warzone Season 3 update.

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Just weeks after a major overhaul to Rebirth Island, the bigger BR map could now be set to follow. Rest assured, we’ll keep you up to speed with all the latest details as they emerge.

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