Majority of CoD pros want divisive Vanguard AR banned

generic cod vanguard poster with call of duty league logoActivision

In a survey sent out to Call of Duty League pros and coaches, a majority of respondents said that they want to see a particular Vanguard assault rifle, the Volk, restricted in pro play.

Gentleman’s Agreements are commonplace in the CoD League. Certain weapons, attachments, or items might not be restricted under the official CDL rules set by Activision, but the players themselves will agree not to use them.

For example, the PPSh-41 in Vanguard or the XM4 in Black Ops Cold War were both left out of competitive play due to pros believing they were too powerful and would be too dominant in the meta.

During the month-long break between Majors 2 and 3, we could be set to see a lot of changes arrive in Vanguard and the CDL, and this might include the removal of the Volk assault rifle.

volk vanguardActivision
The Volk is looking strong in Vanguard.

The Volkssturmgewehr, or Volk for short, hasn’t been a common choice in the Vanguard meta, with most AR players opting instead for the Automaton.

At Major 2, though, LA Guerrillas got a shock championship victory thanks largely to substitute Kris ‘Spart’ Cervantez and his introduction of the Volk into the meta on certain maps and modes.

Now, after numerous discussions throughout the community, a survey put out to CDL pros and coaches by Dot Esports claimed that 53% of them want the Volk to be restricted in competitive play.

question about if the volk should be restricted in the cdlDot Esports
Over half of CDL pros and coaches want the Volk banned in competitive play.

Among the respondents, 27% said that they were undecided on whether the Volk should be restricted, while only 20% said that it shouldn’t be.

The Volk has seen a lot more use in Vanguard, especially in ranked play, since it blew up in popularity at Major 2.

There’s still some time before Major 3, so expect these kinds of conversations to be taking place behind closed doors — but only time will tell whether the Volk gets banned in ranked, too.