Absurd Warzone weapon glitches in June 29 patch could ruin your game

Brad Norton
Warzone characters shooting in front of loot box

Verdansk has been hit with an infestation of new bugs following the major June 29 Modern Warfare update. Some of which could outright break your game, forcing you to swap your loadout for something else.

If you’ve been dropping into Verdansk since the June 29 Warzone update, you may have noticed a few distinct changes. While balance updates and fresh content topped the patch notes, new glitches also made their way through in the files.

When equipping certain weapons, there’s a very good chance that some diabolical-looking creation fills your screen instead. Textures on snipers, submachine guns, and even light machine guns too, all have a new tendency to glitch like never before.

Whether you’ve landed in your first game, or find yourself in the Gulag, the bug can strike at any time. Here’s what you need to look out for until a fix is issued.

Entering the Gulag with one of the newly available snipers, Reddit user ‘Jahaziel_22’ was among the first to encounter the issue. Running through the 1v1 arena without a weapon equipped was just fine. Though when they swapped to their HDR sniper, a majority of their screen was covered by random textures.

They could still see roughly where they were, but when trying to scope in, the bug was only amplified. Ultimately, it cost them their Gulag run.

Call of Duty League caster Clint ‘Maven’ Evans fell victim to the hilarious issue as well during a June 30 Twitch stream. 

Swapping to his Duchess Blueprint for the M91 LMG, his entire screen was covered by radical shapes and colors. “What is going on with my game?” Maven yelled as the map all but disappeared from in front of him.

Until he swapped back to an SMG, all that was visible were simple HUD elements. If an enemy had approached, that would have been the end of his run.

Other instances of the weapon glitch have been less severe. Popular content creator Doug ‘DougisRaw’ Wolf, had smaller textures emanate from his gun. Even joking that the newly nerfed MP5 comes with a shield by default.

It appears as though no platform is safe from the bug, though. So whether you’re playing on console or PC, make sure to swap back to a secondary weapon as soon as this glitch fills your screen.