Absurd Warzone TikTok shows hackers are now impossible to kill even when downed

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Call of Duty: Warzone hackers are hitting new levels of absurdity, as a now-viral TikTok showed that these cheating demons are practically impossible to fully kill – even when they’ve already been downed.

They say “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” And Warzone’s hackers seem to have taken that mantra to new heights, as they’ve ignored hardware bans and new ban waves in order to level up their cheats.

In a new video, a player had an enemy downed and rushed in for the kill. This is a timeless experience everyone has had, the slow, downed foe tries to weasel around a corner while you, in upright glory, pursue.

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But little did TikTok’s ‘mrblueblrd’ know, they weren’t chasing any normal enemy. This was a downed hacker, and cheaters require exorcists these days. Watch the video below to see how this demon slides away like some sort of hellspawn. 

Headphone users, feel free to lower your volume…

As you can see in the clip, Mr. Blue approaches a downed player with haste — only for said player to zip away with even more haste. Like some clip straight out of , this fallen foe dashes away while in their downtrodden state.

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While people have known that hackers now have speed hacks that let them dash around the map at horrifying speeds, it wasn’t known if they could do so while downed. And, now we know, they most certainly can.

There are two clear takeaways from this frightening video. The first is that all of these bans aren’t fixing the problem just yet and that the real Vanguard anti-cheat can’t come soon enough.

The second is that you should maybe consider running a Throwing Knife with your loadouts. That way, should you run into a hacker and luck into downing them — you can hopefully finish them off faster than they can slide away.

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