Bizarre Combat Bow glitch in Warzone literally breaks cameras & walls

Rambo wielding a bow in WarzoneActivision

Warzone has integrated many aspects from Black Ops Cold War into the Battle Royale. Killstreaks can give players a huge advantage in Verdansk. However, players have discovered a game-breaking bug that ruins your camera view after using the Combat Bow.

Killstreaks can be found in Warzone in various ways. Some are purchasable, available through ground loot, or can be found after taking a Red Door.

The Combat Bow is an extremely lethal weapon in Warzone that requires precision. This streak shoots off explosive arrows that can one-shot players from miles away.

Although this bow can be very helpful, this latest glitch is causing it to be deadly for the wrong reasons.

The Combat Bow can be found on the floor when dropping into Verdansk.

Warzone Combat Bow glitch ruins FOV

Lately, there has been a great debate over FOV in Warzone. Console players have been begging for a FOV slider, but this latest bug is really messing up the way people can see in Warzone.

This Reddit clip posted by ‘devon380’ shows off this new game-breaking camera bug. The player shoots their Combat Bow and then, all of a sudden, they turn into a giant and can’t see normally.

Their FOV is now way over the head of the character and they can no longer see their weapons. The player panics, vaults out the window, and runs around trying to figure out what happened.

Even though they shot their last bow, while this glitch is occurring the player’s HUD still shows them using the Combat Bow. Although the player does not show them firing their gun, you can see their shadow, and their character is holding a gun, not the bow.

While it is unknown why this killstreak is causing the camera to glitch out, it eventually does go back to normal, restoring the FOV the player has. However, the community still is unaware of the exact way to fix this when it happens.