Another 50,000 Warzone hackers and cheat sellers just got banned

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Raven Software has announced another Warzone ban wave has been rolled out, targeting over 50,000 hackers and cheat providers. 

The war against hackers in Call of Duty’s battle royale title has been raging on for months, and at one point led to a massive in-game walkout – which included many top streamers.

To name a few, Dr Disrespect, NICKMERCS, CouRage, TimTheTatman, and others were very vocal about wanting the developers to get a grip on this issue.

Since that time, Raven has been focusing their attention on targetting spoofers, changing the way bans work. Previously, account bans would be used, meaning that somebody could be caught cheating, quickly make a new account, and dive back into the action.

Warzone ban wave hits another 50,000 hackers

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Warzone hackers aren’t getting away with it like they used to.

However, that all changed with a ban wave on August 13, which made sure players were banned for good.

Now that the new system of banning has been implemented, members of the community can start celebrating these ban waves safely in the knowledge that the offenders won’t be back.

On September 1, Raven started the month with a bang by announcing a further 50,000 had been caught and punished.

They posted: “Another Warzone ban wave today. Banned 50,000 accounts targeting cheaters and cheat providers. More to come.”

The Season 5 update in Warzone was a turning point for its hacking war, and players will equally be hoping a lot of these problems can be resolved before the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Vanguard releases this November for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms – and will be the next CoD game integrated into the massive BR experience of Warzone. To learn more about that integration, click here.