Absurd Warzone parachute bug is ruining players landings

Warzone parachute dropTreyarch/Activision

A bug in Call of Duty: Warzone is causing players to drop into Verdansk at an extremely slow speed with a strange gliding animation. Although it’s certainly a frustrating glitch to encounter, there’s no denying it’s absolutely hilarious.

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most popular battle royale titles on the market. It’s free to play model and incredible gunplay separate it from the competition and is the reason the game has such a dedicated fanbase.

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However, the title is far from perfect and has become famous for its issues with bugs, exploits, and hackers. From players being able to shoot while they’re down to unlimited respawns in a match, it’s fair to say the game cannot be described as polished.

Well, Warzone players have discovered yet another in-game bug, and this time it affects a player’s ability to parachute down into Verdansk.

Warzone ParachuteTreyarch/Activision
Warzone’s Season One December update introduced Black Ops Cold War’s weapons into the game.

New Warzone bug affects players dropping into the map

A post made to the CODWarzone subreddit has revealed a hilarious bug that occasionally occurs when players drop into Verdansk.

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As seen in the clip posted by budibungbung, the player character’s parachute animation is completely glitched. Instead of gliding down to the intended location, the operator does a hilarious shuffle walk-in mid-air and appears to drop at an extremely slow speed. One commenter on the thread even compared the dance-like movement of the operator to Micheal Jackson’s Thriller.

Just to add to the absurdness of the bug, the player’s parachute is facing the wrong direction and appears to be completely tangled up with the operator.

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Unfortunately, all jokes aside, this glitch looks like it could be extremely frustrating to run into and is just another issue to add to the list. However, at least this is one bug that might put a smile on your face if you experience it.

As with any bug in Warzone, it’s difficult to know when or if this parachute glitch will be fixed.

By the looks of it, it doesn’t look like loads of Warzone players are running into the issue. So, fingers crossed it doesn’t affect your games and you don’t have to wait for half the match for your operator to land.

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