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6 classic weapons Call of Duty: Warzone should bring back

Published: 27/Apr/2020 16:32 Updated: 3/Jun/2020 9:25

by Joe Craven


With Warzone hitting popularity milestones left, right and center, we take a look at some of the series’ classic weapons that would fit right in Call of Duty’s sophomore battle royale effort. 

While any major new mode in Call of Duty was bound to foster fan anticipation, we’re not sure even Activision saw Warzone’s insane popularity coming. Hitting 50 millions players within a month of its initial release, CoD’s second battle royale is hitting numbers seldom seen in all of gaming.

With the game’s player count showing no signs of slowing down, we take a look at a few classic CoD weapons that we think would enhance Warzone. Given that Infinity Ward had the biggest hand in its development, our picks will be from their Call of Duty titles – as opposed to those made by Treyarch or Sledgehammer Games.

1. Intervention – Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward
The Intervention has become infamous in CoD history.

It’s fair to say that no Call of Duty sniper is as well known as Modern Warfare 2’s Intervention. Renowned for its speed and power, the weapon became synonymous with trickshotting on Infinity Ward’s acclaimed 2009 title.

There has been a fair bit of debate regarding sniper rifles in Warzone, with some arguing their thermal capabilities are too strong and do not have enough counters.

Alongside that frustration, many MW2 fans were left disappointed with the absence of multiplayer from MW2 Remastered. It’s fair to assume that being able to get their hands on the Intervention in their favorite battle royale would soften the blow, and would bring a nostalgic warmth to every Warzone player that loved MW2.

2. Honey Badger – Ghosts

Infinity Ward
The Honey Badger was one of Ghosts most popular ARs.

While Call of Duty: Ghosts is generally considered one of CoD’s weaker instalments, it still featured a number of well-liked weapons. The Honey Badger was not the professional weapon of choice, but it remained consistently popular among the average public match player.

The weapon’s integrated silencer would be uniquely powerful in Warzone, a CoD game mode that reverts to the old radar detection system – whereby firing an un-silenced weapon will give away your location to nearby players.

Similarly, its inherent firepower would make it a challenger to the current AR of choice among nearly everyone – the M4A1. Finally, on a less serious note, it has probably the coolest name of any gun in CoD history.

3. ACR – Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward
ACR from MW2 is one of the most popular ARs in CoD history.

The ACR is essentially the Intervention of Assault Rifles. Remembered as one of the most accurate ARs that’s ever been seen in Call of Duty, its popularity in MW2 was only surpassed by its effectiveness.

As a result of its accuracy, the ACR was the ideal choice for longer-range gunfights. This would make it an incredibly strong choice on Warzone’s massive map, with its abundance of long lines-of-sight.

Currently in Warzone there aren’t many ARs that are known for their long-range ability. While the M4A1 is pretty strong at all ranges, it’s more or less over to snipers when it comes to winning long-range engagements. The ACR could definitely shake that up.

4. SPAS-12 – Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward
The SPAS-12 is present in multiple FPS series.

The SPAS-12 is present in a host of Call of Duty games, but never quite as strong as its first appearance in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2. Shotguns in Warzone are pretty hit and miss.

Some of the spammy semi-auto options aren’t bad up close, but if you’re faced with more than one enemy you’re pretty much dead. The pump-actions aren’t much of an improvement, either. Few things come close to being as annoying hitting an enemy twice with your Puff Adder only to break their armor, and be gunned down by their MP5.

The SPAS-12, in its MW2 build, would certainly add some consistency among shotguns in Warzone. Infinity Ward would have to be careful not to make it too overpowered, but at the moment there is too much of a reliance on ARs, even at the most close range of engagements.

5. MSR – Modern Warfare 3

Infinity Ward
The MSR was MW3’s most popular sniper rifle.

While probably not as iconic as Modern Warfare 2’s Intervention, the MSR was undoubtedly the fan favorite sniper from MW3. With the rumor that MW3 Remastered won’t feature multiplayer, its addition to Warzone might be the only time fans of the 2011 title can get their hands back on this iconic-sounding weapon.

The MSR would put a faster sniper into Warzone – while the AX-50 and HDR are pretty powerful choices, they’re both fairly slow when it comes to ADS speed and general handling. Maybe this is one that only quick-scopers will agree with.

6. Vector – Ghosts

Infinity Ward
The Vector was the SMG of choice in competitive Ghosts.

While the Honey Badger was not the professional AR of choice in Ghosts, the Vector was the SMG of choice among competitive players. The Vector has actually featured in multiple CoD games, but we’ve gone for the version from Infinity Ward’s 2013 title.

Despite receiving a pretty significant nerf to its fire rate, the Ghosts version of the Vector was blessed with much better damage and range. It was, in essence, a smaller, faster-handling AR, and would challenge any of Warzone’s current weapons at close to medium ranges.

That rounds off our picks for the 6 classic Call of Duty weapons we want to see added to Warzone. Do you agree? Tweet us @DexertoIntel with the weapons you want to see added to Activision’s battle royale!

Call of Duty

Karma calls out blatant cheater in Black Ops Cold War tournament

Published: 19/Nov/2020 11:04

by Jacob Hale


With Black Ops Cold War tournaments officially underway, it looks like cheaters are making their way to the top, if three-time Call of Duty world champion Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow is to be believed.

With the release of Warzone back in March, hackers in Call of Duty became a rampant problem, with players begging for good anti-cheat measures.

One major concern for the Black Ops Cold War season was that, with the competitive scene switching to PC, we might see more cheating at the higher levels: and it looks like that might be coming to fruition.

During a GameBattles tournament on Wednesday, November 18, one player named Pixel made it all the way to the finals, beating the likes of Team Summertime and Karma on the way — but the three-time wasn’t having any of it.

black ops cold war miami map
Cold War might already be flooded with hackers.

After watching his gameplay for a while and seeing some clips from matches, Karma, TST, and many of their fans came to the conclusion that the guy they were playing against was a cheater.

Of course, it’s hard to completely prove, but some of the clips do leave room for suspicion. For example, in this Miami Search and Destroy map, where he pleads with a teammate to check the bomb shortly after planting, despite having no visual on the site.

Karma then posted the following tweet, saying that “any good player would know he is cheating.”

That wasn’t all, though. Barlow then pulled up the accused’s stream to watch what is happening, and had a few more choice words, referring to him as a “bot” and “dogs**t” while questioning the legitimacy of his gameplay.

While some of the clips being shared around are questionable, without clear evidence or an admission of fault, it’s hard to say that this player is definitely a hacker — but when one of the best CoD players of all time is suggesting that wall hacks are at play, it does make the accusation seem more legitimate.

As expected, the player has vehemently denied all accusation made against him, saying that he’s “not rich enough for that sh*t.”

With two sides to the story, and many people adamantly defending both sides, we may never know the truth — but Zach definitely hasn’t made any new friends in the competitive scene after this.