6 classic weapons Call of Duty: Warzone should bring back

Infinity Ward

With Warzone hitting popularity milestones left, right, and center, let’s take a look at some of the series’ classic weapons that would fit right in Call of Duty’s royale effort. 

While any major new mode in Call of Duty was bound to foster fan anticipation, we’re not sure even Activision saw Warzone’s insane popularity coming. Hitting 50 million players within a month of its initial release, CoD’s second battle royale is hitting numbers seldom seen in all of gaming.

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With the game’s player count showing no signs of slowing down, we take a look at a few classic CoD weapons that we think would enhance Warzone.

1. Intervention – Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward
The Intervention has become infamous in CoD history.

It’s fair to say that no Call of Duty sniper is as well known as Modern Warfare 2’s Intervention. Renowned for its speed and power, the weapon became synonymous with trick shotting on Infinity Ward’s acclaimed 2009 title.

There has been a fair bit of debate regarding sniper rifles in Warzone, with some arguing their thermal capabilities are too strong and do not have enough counters.

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Alongside that frustration, many MW2 fans were left disappointed with the absence of multiplayer from MW2 Remastered. It’s fair to assume that being able to get their hands on the Intervention in their favorite battle royale would soften the blow, and would bring a nostalgic warmth to every Warzone player that loved MW2.

2. Honey Badger – Ghosts

Infinity Ward
The Honey Badger was one of Ghosts most popular ARs.

While Call of Duty: Ghosts is generally considered one of CoD’s weaker installments, it still featured a number of well-liked weapons. The Honey Badger was not the professional weapon of choice, but it remained consistently popular among the average public match player.

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The weapon’s integrated silencer would be uniquely powerful in Warzone, a CoD game mode that reverts to the old radar detection system – whereby firing an un-silenced weapon will give away your location to nearby players.

Similarly, its inherent firepower would make it a challenger to the current AR of choice among nearly everyone – the M4A1. Finally, on a less serious note, it has probably the coolest name of any gun in CoD history.

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3. ACR – Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward
ACR from MW2 is one of the most popular ARs in CoD history.

The ACR is essentially the Intervention of Assault Rifles. Remembered as one of the most accurate ARs that’s ever been seen in Call of Duty, its popularity in MW2 was only surpassed by its effectiveness.

As a result of its accuracy, the ACR was the ideal choice for longer-range gunfights. This would make it an incredibly strong choice on Warzone’s massive map, with its abundance of long lines-of-sight.

Currently, in Warzone there aren’t many ARs that are known for their long-range ability. While the M4A1 is pretty strong at all ranges, it’s more or less over to snipers when it comes to winning long-range engagements. The ACR could definitely shake that up.

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4. PPSh – Black Ops

The PPSh-41 in Call of Duty on a black backgroundCall of Duty Wiki
This submachine gun featured heavily in the Soviet campaign throughout CoD’s releases.

Featuring heavily in the Soviet campaign, the PPSh-41 submachine gun has an extremely high mag capacity alongside medium recoil. The gun has a semi-automatic fire mode, however as it doesn’t affect hip-fire accuracy and simply impedes players in CQC, this mode should best be avoided.

The submachine does fire weak rounds, seeming to be relatively ineffective at long range. Despite these fallbacks, though, it’s got a punchy fire-rate to boot. Bringing back this iconic weapon would help to shake up the SMG meta and could even bridge the gap between SMG and AR. This is because it has an incredibly fast rate of fire and very good accuracy, making it a great all-round gun.

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5. MSR – Modern Warfare 3

Infinity Ward
The MSR was MW3’s most popular sniper rifle.

While probably not as iconic as Modern Warfare 2’s Intervention, the MSR was undoubtedly the fan-favorite sniper from MW3. With the rumor that MW3 Remastered won’t feature multiplayer, its addition to Warzone might be the only time fans of the 2011 title can get their hands back on this iconic-sounding weapon.

The MSR would put a faster sniper into Warzone – while the AX-50 and HDR are pretty powerful choices, they’re both fairly slow when it comes to ADS speed and general handling. Maybe this is one that only quick-scopers will agree with.

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M40A3 – Modern Warfare 4

M40A3 in Call of DutyCall of Duty Wiki
The M40A3 would be a fantastic addition to new installments in the franchise.

Perfect for landing those all-important long-distance shots, the lower recoil and sway of the gun means that it’s something that is incredibly buttery to use in play. This bolt-action sniper is a huge fan-favorite in the franchise.

The M40A3 is incredibly easy to use with minimal bullet drop, making it the perfect choice for players looking to grab those montage-worthy headshots.

That rounds off our picks for the 6 classic Call of Duty weapons we want to see added to Warzone. What do you want to see added to the weapon lineup? Tweet us @DexertoIntel your personal picks.

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