Team Aydan wins $100K Toronto Ultra Warzone tournament: full final placements

Albert Petrosyan

The Call of Duty League’s Toronto Ultra have wrapped up their $100k Holiday Feast Warzone event and the trio of Aydan, HusKerrs, and ZLaner were crowned champions after beating out the pack.

In a remarkably intense and competitive final match of the competition, Aydan and his squad dropped a whopping 109 kills – eclipsing the previous Trios vs. Quads world record – to leapfrog Team BobbyPoff and Team Kayzahr, who were leading the standings late.

The effort earned them the lion’s share of the $100K prize pool, $35,000, while Kayzahr’s team earned $22,500 for second place, and the trio of BobbyPoff, ClutchBelk, Destroy took home the $12,500 third-place prize.

32 total teams competed in this tournament but only 12 made it past the first round, based on their overall score and place in the standings after the first four hours. Things were tight all the way through, with Team Aydan grabbing the lead heading into the final hour before Kayzahr and co snagged it back heading into the final match.

As expected, the poor souls that ran into any of these trios in the public matches didn’t stand a chance, as the various squads took turns dropping incredible kill-totals throughout the event. Aydan’s squad, alone, dropped three 100+ elimination matches over the course of the final 2.5 hours.

Toronto Ultra Holiday Feast Warzone event final placements

Here are the final placements for this competition, including the prize haul for each of the top-12 teams. Below that, you can find the overall placements, including the trios that did not qualify for the second round.

Top-12 final placements

Top-12 prize split

Toronto Ultra Warzone event prize breakdown

Final placements from Round 1


Toronto Ultra Warzone Holiday Feast teams & players

As with the Ultra’s previous $100K competition, this one also featured numerous big-name CDL pro players and content creators:

Team Rated

  • Rated
  • SuperEvan
  • DiazBiffle

Team Aydan

  • Aydan
  • ZLaner
  • Huskerrs

Team Tommey

  • Tommey
  • Newbz
  • Almxnd

Team Methodz

  • Methodz
  • Frozone
  • Deleo

Team Bobby Poff

  • Bobby Poff
  • ClutchBelk
  • Destroy

Team Symfuhny

  • Symfuhny
  • JoeWo
  • Crowder

More confirmed captains:

  • TeeP
  • Gotaga
  • Vikkstar
  • Pamaj
  • Swagg

Toronto Ultra Warzone Holiday Feast format, scoring & prize breakdown

This was a 30-team Trios competition that employed the popular “kill race” format, meaning that all of the teams competed in public lobbies. Points were earned through eliminations and placements in each match based on the following breakdown:

Toronto Ultra Warzone event scoring format
The scoring format for Toronto Ultra’s $100K Holiday Feast Warzone tournament.

This event was split into two rounds, the first one taking four hours and the second one, two and a half.

Once the first round was up, each team’s best five matches were calculated based on the scoring format and added together, which determined their place in the overall standings after the first four hours.

The top 12 teams from round one then advanced to the second round.

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