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10 classic weapons CoD 2020 should bring back

Published: 13/Jul/2020 16:16 Updated: 14/Jul/2020 13:27

by Joe Craven


With Call of Duty 2020’s official reveal still nowhere in sight, we cast our minds back over some fan-favorite Treyarch weapons that could make a glorious return in the rumored Black Ops Reboot. 

Details surrounding Call of Duty 2020 are trickling out, and it seems like everyone in the community is ready for the reveal other than Activision and Treyarch themselves.


Regardless, the game has been confirmed as a Black Ops reboot of sorts, so what better time to cast out minds back and select 10 fan favorite weapons that we’d love to see make a return in the 2020 installment of the franchise.

It should also be said that CoD 2020 is rumored to be a Cold War-era title. We’re dispensing with some historical accuracy and we’ll be explaining our reasoning as we go. In no particular order, let’s get into it.


M8A1 — Black Ops II

M8A1 from Black Ops II
The M8A1 was a four-round burst.

A game full of strong weapons, the M8A1 was one of Black Ops II’s strongest. While it didn’t have the pure damage output of the AN-94, or the recoil stability of the M27, it was a perfect middle ground.

Easy to control, a high damage output, fire rate and good handling — it was one of the best guns in one of the best CoD games ever. Should it return in CoD 2020, expect to see it dominate all mid-range engagements.

MSMC — Black Ops II

MSMC from Black Ops II
The MSMC was the go-to SMG of choice for many pro players.

Another of the most popular weapons from Black Ops II, the MSMC reigned supreme in the SMG category. A high damage output and modest recoil made this gun especially versatile for a submachine gun.


It was brought back as a DLC weapon in Black Ops III, so there’s no reason it can’t make another return in Treyarch’s next title.

Famas — Black Ops

FAMAS from Black Ops
The Famas has featured in the Modern Warfare series, as well as Black Ops.

The Famas has grown to be one of the most notorious assault rifles in the Call of Duty series, featuring in a host of titles — both from Infinity Ward and Treyarch.

We’ve gone for the original version from Black Ops, which ditched the MW2 burst-fire mechanic in favor of a reliable fully-automatic AR. It’s been brought back a few times now, and we’d love to see it once more.


L96A1 — Black Ops

L96A1 from Black ops
The L96A1 was the most popular sniper in Black Ops.

Sniping in the original Black Ops was tougher than nearly every other Call of Duty game. One thing that made it more manageable, though, was the L96A1.

This big brute of a bolt-action rifle could take down any foe, and paved the way for the DSR, SVG and Paladin in later CoD games. It would be a welcome return to CoD 2020 sniping.


Maddox RFB — Black Ops 4

Maddox RFB from Black Ops 4
The Maddox was the professional AR of choice – alongside the ICR-7.

Black Ops 4 was a game dominated by ARs. The Saug 9mm SMG could just about hold its own against some ARs, but nothing could compete with a Maddox if it was fired accurately.

A high fire rate and damage made this BO4’s strongest weapon by some margin, ideal for close to medium range engagements. While it did have moderate kick, in the right hands this could shred any enemy. A return in CoD 2020 would be great to see.

Commando — Black Ops

Commando from Black Ops
The Commando was arguably the most popular AR in Black Ops.

The Commando may have been even more popular than the aforementioned Famas in CoD: Black Ops. However, it has not gained the notoriety because, at the time of writing, the original Black Ops is the only game it has made an appearance in.

Whether that continues into CoD 2020 remains to be seen, but we’d love to see its low recoil and high fire rate back in this year’s game.

Browning M1919 — World at War

Browning M1919 from WaW
The Browning gained notoriety for its power in World at War.

The first LMG on our list is the uniquely styled and incredibly powerful, Browning M1919, which featured in a host of the older CoD games. A real-life WW2 LMG used by American forces, it failed to make the cut for 2017’s WWII, but was prominent in World at War.

Its handling and mobility were predictably poor, but it made up for both in terms of its pure damage output and monumental magazine size. As ambivalent as most players are to LMGs, we’d love to see this in a new CoD game.

Man-O-War — Black Ops III

Man-O-War from Black Ops III
The Man-O-War was a slow firing, hard hitting AR in Black Ops III.

While it lost out to the M8A7 in terms of recoil stability, the Man-O-War packed the biggest punch of any Black Ops III assault rifle. More or less always a three-shot kill, its incredible damage numbers put nearly every other weapon to shame.

Pair this with some solid handling and manageable recoil, and this AR goes down as one of the most underrated of CoD history. It’s widely remembered as good, but it was far better than good. A return in CoD 2020 may be just what the Man-O-War needs to earn its rightful place in the game’s history books.

Ballista — Black Ops II

Ballista from Black Ops II
The Ballista and DSR battled it out for best sniper in Black Ops II.

While the previously mentioned L96A1 became known for its power, the Ballista became known for its speed and mobility. One of the most popular snipers in Call of Duty’s long history, it was a quick-scoper’s dream — and an enemy’s nightmare.

Players had to aim slightly higher to get their one-hit kills, but the Ballista is still remembered as a top-tier sniper rifle. Hopefully, a return is on the cards.

Argus — Black Ops III

Argus from Black Ops III
The Argus had some of the best range a CoD shotgun has ever had.

This shotgun will undoubtedly divide opinion. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure for many, with its slug rounds providing pretty insane range for a shotgun. We’d love to see a similar weapon return in CoD 2020, but we can completely understand players who don’t. We’ll leave this one up to Treyarch, shall we?

Which weapons did we miss? Tweet us @DexertoIntel to let us know your favorite weapons that should come back for CoD 2020!

Call of Duty

“Broken” Warzone skin is too hard to see & players aren’t happy about it

Published: 18/Oct/2020 22:48

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 5 Roze “Rook” operator is maddening players, as the small, dark silhouette is sometimes impossible to detect before getting killed.

Verdansk is a diverse environment and Modern Warfare’s operators are fittingly blessed with a varied assortment of camouflages. With the map spanning green, forested areas, dry, muted plains, and dark, indoor rooms, there is a lot of different scenery to keep track of.


Within the map’s obscured nooks and crannies, one Season 5 operator skin has become a particular nuisance for players. Upon hitting Tier 100 on the preceding season’s Battle Pass, the Roze “Rook” skin was unlocked, offering fans a jet-black, sleek character to rock across Modern Warfare’s multiplayer and accompanying battle royale.

With the prevalence of close-quarters combat in dimly lit indoor spaces, players have begun pointing out just how impossible it is to see Roze in the game. 

roze rook skin season 5
Infinity Ward
Roze’s Rook skin is easy to see in the light, but practically invisible in the dark.

In a screenshot shown by ‘bleedblue_knetic’ on Reddit, there appears to be an empty cell in the subterranean jails located below the Prison POI. But their teammate, ‘Deadalus,’ is highlighted as being right behind the cell’s bars. 

Even knowing someone is technically there, it is practically impossible to discern a character model behind the partial obstructions.

I’ve never really seen anyone talk about it, but does anyone else think Roze skin is not okay? from CODWarzone

As such, bleedblue_knetic’s post is titled simply: “I’ve never really seen anyone talk about it, but does anyone else think Roze skin is not okay?” In response, the vast majority of commenters agreed that this skin is an issue and is getting widely used by sweaty players because of how difficult it is to see in Warzone’s darker environments.


One commenter summed it up succinctly: “It’s one of the most broken skins in the game.”

Another Redditor, ‘OJbeforethebadstuff,’ also replied with his own example of the Rook skin’s seeming invisibility. While their video settings appear to lack more brightness than necessary, it still demonstrates just how deadly Roze’s camouflage can be.


As seen in the video, the screen is darker than most players’ displays, but, nonetheless, the Roze that kills him is frankly invisible. It isn’t until you watch the kill cam that you realize there was a person actually standing there amongst the tables, waiting to secure an easy elimination.


Usually, hacking is raised as a possibility when you’re killed by someone you can’t see. But, in this case, it appears that the Rook skin is simply svelte and dark enough to blend into indoor backgrounds perfectly.

Her hitbox isn’t technically smaller than others’ and she does appear in an obvious contrast when in bright environments, but so much of Warzone is played in dimmed locations that this is as meta a skin as the game has seen. Infinity Ward has yet to respond to complaints and it remains to be seen if some of the game’s niche visibility issues can be resolved.