Call of Duty 2020 art leak appears to confirm Black Ops reboot and name

Albert Petrosyan

A new image datamined and leaked from the Call of Duty 2020 internal developer alpha reveals that the game will be some sort of reboot of the Black Ops series and take place during the Cold War era.

The rumor mill continues to churn for CoD 2020, and with no official announcement yet from Activision, leaks and speculation remain the main source of information for most of the player-base.

The latest leak, which surfaced on June 9, is an actual image containing the Call of Duty logo with Black Ops under it, set over a black-and-white collage of images.

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Since there’s no number following the title (the previous one in the series was Black Ops 4), this a strong suggestion that the game will be a reboot of the sub-franchise, as opposed to yet another sequel.

The background image is just as interesting as the title; there’s definitely a Cold War feel to the whole thing, especially the file on the bottom left corner that contains the date 1976, which falls smack-dab in the middle of the decades-long conflict.

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Technically, this info isn’t anything new: There was already widespread speculation that the next CoD will be another Black Ops game set during the Cold War era. However, this image is the first real visual confirmation we’ve had.

It’s also provided a bit of a twist – many believed that the game was going to be titled “Black Ops: Cold War,” but the picture seems to suggest otherwise, even though it looks to be taking place during that time period.

Following this leak, several prominent CoD dataminers, such as Tom Henderson, have come out and said that they believe the game will simply be called Call of Duty: Black Ops. Either way, almost everyone seems to agree that the existence of this image confirms the reboot.

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As for the picture’s origin, it was in an integral developer alpha version of CoD 2020, which was given the code name ‘The Red Door’ in the back-end files.

Dataminers gave The Red Door a closer look and discovered that it’s essentially a 71 GB patch for the PlayStation 4 version of the game, with files pointing to the existence of multiplayer, campaign, zombies, Warzone, and, of course, the art.

CoD TrackerThe Red Door is the code name given to the Call of Duty 2020 developer alpha files.

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PS4DataBaseA look at the Call of Duty 2020 internal developer alpha patch, which was titled The Red Door but is clearly for the next CoD game.

There seems to be no doubt about the image’s authenticity, as Activision have reportedly been filing copyright claims against users displaying it on their social pages – a clear indication that it’s real.

The only thing left to do now is wait for them to officially announce the game and release a trailer so that we can finally see how much, if any, of all these leaks end up proving to be accurate.

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