LA Thieves and Octane set unfortunate CDL Search & Destroy record in Atlanta FaZe loss

Alec Mullins

CDL’s Major 4 qualifiers are underway and unfortunately for Octane’s LA Thieves, things are off to a tough start. They played Atlanta FaZe close through five games, but a tragic Search and Destroy performance has them going into the record books for all the wrong reasons. 

It’s nearly Champs time and that means that teams should be approaching their final form as they prepare to lock in for the most crucial stretch of the year.

For the Los Angeles Thieves, things have been quite up-and-down this season and the most recent qualifiers only highlighted that even further.

While the team has looked better ever since making some role changes back in April, their hard work still couldn’t save them from being on the less-pleasant side of history in their first qualifying matches for Major 4.

LA Thieves S&D woes in Major 4 qualifiers

Octane LA Thieves CDL
Octane has the kind of record-breaking CDL performance that pros want to stay away from.

Things started out hot for LA as they trounced the series-favorite in Gavutu Hardpoint, claiming a 250-128 victory over the defending world champions in Atlanta FaZe.

However the wobbles started to show as FaZe responded back with a decisive 6-0 victory on Berlin S&D. Despite claiming the second-highest damage in the lobby, Octane found himself exiting the map without a single kill when it was all said and done.

Still Thieves bounced back stealing away a 3-2 Tuscan Control victory before once again being cooled off in a 250-185 Hardpoint loss on the same map.

The stage was set for a final Search showdown and that’s where the wheels completely fell off. Once again FaZe caught fire and the Thieves were trounced 6-0 once more.

While that’s tough enough to handle, Octane once again failed to find a kill through six rounds.

This means that not only did Octane have the CDL’s first ‘double donut’ series but his team also claimed the distinction of being the first squad to lose both S&Ds in a series without taking a single round.

For all the improvements they’ve made so far this year, this performance indicates there’s still a long way to go if they’re going to retain their 7th place spot and qualify for Champs come August.

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