Sentinels fans can now invest in shares of the esports company

Declan Mclaughlin
Sentinels huddled on the VCT Americas stage

Sentinels have announced that they will be listed on the equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine. Fans can purchase shares of the esports company startup to get equity and unique perks.

Sentinels is giving its fans the opportunity to invest in the company through StartEngine, a startup crowdfunding platform. The North American organization announced on June 12 that it will be listed list on the platform in a “test-the-waters phase.”

Once listed, fans will be able to reserve shares and invest in Sentinels, who are valued at $30.09 million. The company will put around 4% of its equity up for sale.

“Our passionate fans have been a key to Sentinels’ growth and we are looking forward to inviting the
fans to be a bigger part of our journey,” Sentinels CEO Rob Moore said in the press release.

Sentinels to give esports fans investment opportunity

Investors will unlock different perks based on the amount of money that they are committing. For $500, fans will unlock the bronze perk, which comes with a limited edition pro jersey. The most exclusive perk, Master, costs $50,000 and includes 15% bonus shares and a trip to Los Angeles, California to meet some of the pros in person.

There are also time-based perks that will give fans up to 15% bonus shares if they invest within the first 72 hours.

The minimum amount to invest is $300. According to Sentinels, the money raised will be used to “fund operations including expansion into new business lines.”

Sentinels wins Masters Rekjyavik 2021
Sentinels have one of the most famous Valorant teams in the world

Below you can find the amount-based tiers and the minimum investment required for each:

  • Bronze perk: $500
  • Silver perk: $1,000
  • Gold perk: $5,000
  • Platinum perk: $10,000
  • Diamond perk: $25,000
  • Master perk: $50,000

Sentinels is one of the most popular esports organizations in North America. The company fields teams in Valorant, Apex Legends and Halo, and supports a number of popular content creators, including Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik and Brandon ‘Aceu’ Winn.

The announcement comes two months after Sentinels launched SEN Society, a membership club. Sentinels are not the first esports company to utilize fan subscriptions or crowdfunding campaigns. Fnatic notably launched a crowdfunding campaign in 2020, and Cloud9, Team Liquid, and Fnatic all have some form of membership service.

After a fruitful “test-the-waters phase,” with the StartEngine page going dark for a few days after its initial launch, Sentinels announced the formal listing of the company on the platform on August 4. In a press release about the formal listing, Sentinels claimed the company saw over 100 individual investors reserve shares.