What is SEN Society? What you need to know about Sentinels’ fan club

Declan Mclaughlin
Sentinels huddle before LOUD match in VCT

Sentinels have announced its fan club, SEN Society, as a subscription service for fans that want exclusive merchandise, content and access to its pro players.

Sentinels announced the launch of its fan club, SEN Society, on May 17. Membership in the club will give fans access to unreleased content, exclusive merchandise drops, access to the organization’s pro players and “behind-the-scenes moments.”

Content will be uploaded weekly for subscribers and fans who join SEN Society in the early stages will get special pins that show they were a day-one fan club member.

Fans in the program will also have access to professional players signed to Sentinels through meet-and-greet opportunities, live question-and-answer segments and the opportunity to be featured in content with them.

The membership fee is $5 a month and also features a membership card that fans can show off to get access to meet and greets, discounts for merchandise and potentially more perks. Exclusive content for members has already been uploaded to the fan club’s website.

Sentinels launch SEN Society

The launch of the Sentinels’ fan club comes five years after the organization rebranded itself from Phoenix1. The esports organization currently fields rosters in Halo, Valorant and Apex Legends while also having some of the top content creators in Valorant, like Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik, and Apex, in Brandon ‘Aceu’ Winn.

Sentinels is just the latest esports organization to launch some form of fan club or membership program. Cloud9, Fnatic and Team Liquid all have their own version of SEN Society, giving fans that are willing to pay a reoccurring fee exclusive access to their players and merchandise.

These clubs also offer fans an easy way to give their monetary support to esports organizations at a reasonable price, instead of paying for expensive merchandise or just watching matches and cheering online.

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