Battlefield 2042 weapons guide: Unlock & specialize weapons, Attachments, Plus System

Battlefield 2042 unlock weaponsEA DICE

Battlefield 2042 is releasing later this year, and we still have a lot of questions regarding the game’s weapon unlock and reward systems. EA DICE has a few different routes they could go down regarding rewards in 2042, but we can make some conjectures based on what we know so far.

EA DICE‘s Battlefield 2042 is stepping away from the standard class system seen in previous Battlefield titles and is moving towards the new Specialists feature, giving players much more freedom with weapons as a whole.

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While little is known about how we’ll unlock weapons in 2042, we do have some info that helps us get an idea of how the weapon unlock system will work upon release.


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What form will weapon unlocks take in Battlefield 2042?

How to unlock weapons in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is stepping away from the standard class system seen in previous Battlefield titles and is moving towards the new Specialists. This will also mean we can no longer unlock the weapons in-game through playing specific classes.

Instead, we may see weapon unlocks through each Specialist, such as through the likes of Webster Mackay or Maria Falck. However, this seems unlikely, as this would pull you away from the ‘play your way’ experience. As an alternative, DICE may implement in-game challenges and commendations similar to those seen in Battlefield 4.

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Unfortunately, we have little else to go on regarding weapon unlocks in 2042. DICE has been tight-lipped over how the gameplay mechanic of unlocking weapons will work, so we’ll have to wait for a developer update addressing this specifically or wait for the technical test to find out more. As more information is revealed, we’ll update you here.

Weapon Specializations

Similarly, it’s still unknown how weapon unlocks will operate in 2042. With a surface-level glance at the Plus System, it would seem we are moving away from the weapon Specialisation system seen in Battlefield V.

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Some Battlefield fans didn’t enjoy this system, as it gave more experienced players the opportunity to make their weapon objectively better than those who haven’t had the time to level their guns.

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Although the old attachment system doesn’t entirely mitigate this issue, it will make for a fairer fight if DICE chooses to take this route.

Battlefield 2042 weapons assault rifleEA DICE
Battlefield 2042 weapons have been spotted in trailers and teasers.

Attachments and Plus System

It seems as though DICE are returning to a similar attachment system seen in Battlefield 4. This will give players a lot of freedom when it comes to their loadout by giving you full control over each specific attachment on your weapon.

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For example, players will be able to change out the scope, barrel attachment, grip, and more.

This freedom with attachments paired with the new “Plus System” will allow players to prepare for any firefight without the need to redeploy and change attachments.

Make sure to check back often, as we’ll continually update you as more information is revealed ahead of release.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about unlocking and specializing in weapons ahead of Battlefield 2042’s release.

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Article written by Oscar Dobbins.

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