Battlefield 2042 season 2 map leaked and players are “disappointed”

Ryan Lemay
battlefield specialists

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 signaled a possible redemption for the struggling title. However, Season 2’s map leak left a sour taste in players’ mouths.

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 drew players back in, recording its steepest upward trend in the player count since the game’s release. DICE and EA had a small window of opportunity to recoup lost players.

Finally, on August 1, DICE addressed the console aim assist issue, reworked Kaleidoscope, and revised specialists. Battlefield players appreciated the update’s quality of life and bug fix improvements.

The community hoped Season 2 would make more significant wide-sweeping changes and continue the momentum. Unfortunately, a leak revealed that Battlefield 2042 only receives one new map in Season 2, and players are losing faith.

Season 2 leak angers Battlefield 2042 players

battlefield next game single-player campaignBattlefield 2042 Season 1 helped draw players back in.

Reliable Battlefield leaker Temporyal leaked one map coming to Season 2 titled Stranded. The leaker claims “the map involves a clash over Gatun lake, an artificial lake in Panama.”

Temporyal speculated POIs could include The Locks, the dam, or a stranded ship.

One player stated, “Map? As in singular map? As in only one Map? As in no more than one Map in the second season, a year after the game launched?

A second user added, “They are spreading the content as thin as possible, so they don’t have to invest more resources in it.”

Battlefield 2042 players recently called for an EA boycott after a failed refund petition. Over 230,000 people signed the petition. However, it was no match for the law.

Echoing other opinions, a Battlefield player argued, “Clearly, we’re only getting these seasons for a single year every major release; at least make those updates mean something.”

The Battlefield community didn’t mince its words and made it clear that Battlefield 2042’s live service system is a failure.