Battlefield 2042 dev confirms aim assist fix is finally coming

Andrew Highton
bf 2042 specialist aiming down gun sight

After months of player complaints, Battlefield 2042 will be addressing the game’s purported aim assist troubles in an upcoming update, as confirmed by the game’s Community Manager.

Despite the positive effect that Battlefield 2042’s Season 1 Zero Hour content has had on the game, helping to overtake Halo Infinite, players are still continually being frustrated by a long-standing issue – aim assist.

Whereas PC players have free aim using a mouse and keyboard, console players have less control using dual analog sticks, necessitating the inclusion of aim assist.

However, Battlefield 2042 players have felt for the longest time that it feels off in the game, and after the most recent example of a fan complaint, one of the game’s devs has given players some good news.

Aim assist update coming to Battlefield 2042

In a Battlefield 2042 Reddit post, one player quite simply said: “Aiming on console is broken.”

Aim assist isn’t designed to let players lock on with skilless ease, but it is supposed to ease some of the slower, manual aiming problems that console players face. The consensus is that BF 2042’s is weak and inconsistent.

The OP said: “For one, using ADS is never in the center of the screen and aiming at the enemy it always pushes you left or right and you have to spend seconds adjusting before shooting. Another problem is tracking someone running it’s like the aim assist is lagging behind the enemy and moving to shoot and lead the target results in overshooting the enemy. It just feels weird.”

They continued: “Compared to past Battlefield’s shooting on console, 2042 is terrible and needs fixing. I’ve adjusted every setting I can think of and it just never feels right at all.”

It turns out that their words were not falling on deaf ears though as Battlefield 2042’s Community Manager, known as Straatford87 on Reddit, had a response.

“Hey everyone. First, thank you for flagging the issues you experienced with aim assist, and the additional information we’ve since collected from you which helped us investigate. We believe we have found the issue that was causing inconsistent behavior, and have a fix ready which is currently scheduled for the next game update. More details on the update itself will follow closer to its release. We’re looking forward to your further feedback once it’s in your hands.”

The next big Battlefield 2042 update is currently rumored for August 2022, so we expect to hear more regarding the update, and these positive fixes could further rejuvenate the game’s player count.