Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone: everything we know so far

Battlefield 2042 Hazard ZoneEA DICE

Battlefield 2042 arrives this October with loads of brilliant features to boot. Hazard Zone is a key mode adding something fresh to the franchise. Here’s everything we know so far. 

EA are getting ready to lock and load with their next flagship Battlefield installment. Coming three years after the mixed response of Battlefield V, players around the world are patiently waiting for a new experience. The illusively titled Hazard Zone has piqued the interest of fans.

Details have been scarce, but thanks to a wealth of data mining, we’ve got plenty to break down on the upcoming mode.

Battlefield 2042 mapElectronic Arts
The latest installment boasts a whopping 128 player count.

What is Hazard Zone? 

Since the official reveal of Battlefield 2042, the developers have been tight lipped when it comes to what October’s arrival will entail. Among the continued secrets is a new mode called Hazard Zone. Though originally thought to be a revitalized version of Firestorm battle royale, the developers have gone on record to deter any comparisons. 

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Thanks to renowned Battlefield dataminer temporyal, we now have a better understanding of Hazard Mode’s features.

Described as a mixture of Escape from Tarkov and The Hunt: Showdown, this comparison alone begs the question of whether EA are going from a mixture of PVE & PVP. Perhaps we’re in for some Rambo-style covert ops? 

Covert operations might just be the flavor of gameplay here, as players will be expected to excavate destroyed satellites for highly classified data. It is unclear whether collecting data will increase the threat within the world.

However, with the mention of a tactical upgrade that ensures your loadout won’t be lost, it sounds like the locals won’t be pleased with your presence. 

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Hazard Zone will allow players to ease into the new mode with confidence too, as it seems a tutorial will available to access. Reddit user “IceLeel” was able to provide more clarification on UI elements and the aforementioned tutorial via datamining information.

Hazard Zone datamineEA
Datamining has revealed new user interface details.

Brave new world

Scattered throughout the environment will be various POIs. Ammo stations will aid ammunition management, whereas the purpose of uplinks looks to be a Warzone-styled box system. Here the player can get hold of the enticing Ranger cyborg dog or vehicles including the ATV. 

Reinforcing the idea of PVE gunfights, A.I enemies will be able to parachute into the map and call for reinforcements as the player escalates carnage throughout their mission. The possibility of A.I bosses is a captivating addition, which should make for some ballistic moments. 

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Once the mission is over, players will be able to exfiltrate to safety via landing zones. From here helicopters can be claimed. If a player misses the exfil, similar to Cold War Zombies, a mission fail will be triggered. 

Keeping it tactical

Players looking to add some buffs to their chosen specialist can do so with tactical upgrades. Ranging from increased ammunition to faster healing, there is a sleuth of upgrades that will aid any playstyle.

Interestingly, one upgrade called “Bonus A.I Reward” looks to compensate players after defeating their foes. This could be a way to collect better loot or weapons within the world itself. 

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Hazard Zone teaser trailer

EA DICE has unveiled a teaser trailer for Hazard Zone, showing distorted imagery of soldiers, locations, and more. Players can tune in on October 14 for the full reveal, which is sure to bring some thrilling features to the table.

Battlefield 2042 has become one of this year’s most anticipated titles. With only a couple of months left till launch, we recommend checking back in for more updates as they develop.