Assassin’s Creed Valhalla legendary animal locations and how to beat them

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It’s no easy task defeating every legendary animal and achieving the Master Hunter achievement is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s difficult to track down the beasts let alone slay them. Well, we’re going to tell you exactly how and where you can kill each legendary animal is Valhalla.

The world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is filled with countless dangers and threats. Some of which come in the form of legendary animals that are scattered across various regions of the game. Each is unique and offers a challenging battle to any player looking to take them on.

These will stop at nothing to defeat you in battle. Of course, these tough opponents do offer a hearty reward if they’re slain. This includes the Master Hunter achievement for defeating every legendary animal in Valhalla.

The question is, where do I find them and how do I defeat them? Well, the list below will show you exactly where each animal is located and offers a few tips to help you make sure you win the fight.

Remember to take care you’re fully prepared with supplies for the fight.

Where to find each legendary animal in Valhalla

Elk of the Bloody Peaks – Rygjafylke

The Elk of the Bloody Peaks is located in Rygjafylke.

The Elk of the Bloody Peaks is located in Rygjafykle and is the easiest of the legendary animals.

In terms of tips, you will want to focus on attacking the Elk from its side. By doing this, you’ll avoid the animal’s devastating kick and headbutt. The Elk’s attacks are all relatively telegraphed and easy to predict, so just be ready to dodge any incoming blows.

Finally, pay attention to when the Elk moves away to gain some distance, it usually means it’s lining up for a charge.

Black Shulk – East Anglia

The Black Shulk is located in East Anglia.

The Black Shulk is located in East Anglia and its attacks are fast-paced and deadly.

For this fight, you’ll want to use a spear and keep your distance or utilize a shield and wait for the perfect time to attack. It’s important you’re patient when looking to land attacks on the animal.

Similarly to the Elk, when the Shulk distances itself from you, be prepared to dodge a launching attack. After the animal has landed, capitalize on the few moments you have to land a strike. Finally, remember to consume the Winter Chantrelle scattered around the animal’s location to regain some health mid-fight.

Gemad Wulf – Lincolnscire

The Gemad Wulf is located in Lincolnscire.

The Gemad Wulf is located in Lincolnscire on the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla map, and calls upon its pack to help him mid-fight.

The Wulf is located in an old ruin surrounded by walls, it will use this terrain to its advantage and attempt to jump down on you from above. Make sure you retreat to the opposite side of whichever wall the Wulf is on.

Keep in mind, the Wulf’s howl will cause a pack of other wolves to join the fight. These wolves are relatively easy to kill, just make sure you’re keeping an eye on the Wulf while you battle the rest of the pack.

The Corpse Feeders – Oxenefordscire

The Corpse Feeders are located in Oxenefordscire.

The Corpse Feeders are located in Oxenefordscire and are a pack of deadly wolves.

The Corpse Feeders’ strengths are their numbers, so taking them out one by one is the best method. In the center of the field, there is a barn-like building. Climbing on top of this will allow you to make it a 1v1 with each wolf in the pack. Only one wolf can stand on the barn at one time so this eliminates the need to track all three at once.

Alfred’s Battle Sow – Suthsexe

Alfred’s Battle Sow is located in Suthsexe.

Alfred’s Battle Sow is located in Suthsexe and has a devastating charge.

The Sow utilizes similar attacks to the Elk in that it uses a headbutt, charge, and kick. All of these attacks are telegraphed, however, can cause massive damage if they land.

The animal uses slow and heavy attacks so there are plenty of opportunities to land blows. Just make sure you’re ready to dodge any charges and attempt to attack the beast from its side. It’s worth noting the other bulls in the field will help the Sow throughout the battle.

Beast of the Hills – Sciropescire

The Beast of the Hills is located in Sciropescire.

The Beast of the Hills is located in Sciropescire and resides in the Uriconium Ruins.

The bear uses a series of charges and swipes that leave it exposed to attacks if dodged correctly. You’ll want to focus on dodging these attacks and capitalizing on the bear’s immobilized state.

Finally, look to attack the bear from behind as most of its attacks are front-facing.

The Blood Swine – Eurvicscire

The Blood Swine is located in Eurvicscire.

The Blood Swine is located in Eurvicscire and can be found roaming the reeds of a swamp, in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

The Swine has similar attacks to a lot of the other legendary animals such as a charge and buck. However, the key difference in this fight is the terrain and foliage surrounding the animal.

The Swine will retreat into the bushes and attempt to charge from out of your vision. Make sure you’re fully aware of where the animal is located at all times.

Bear of the Blue Waters

The Bear of the Blue Waters is located in Hordafylke.

The Bear of the Blue Waters is located in Hordafylke and resides on an island surrounded by water.

This legendary animal is very similar to the Beast of the Hills as they’re both bears and use slow but powerful attacks. You should focus on attempting to attack the bear from behind as that way you’ll avoid its swipe and smash attacks.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you locate and defeat the legendary animals of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and claim the Master Hunter achievement.

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